Preparing Your Home For Pictures

Download our Preparing Your Home For Pictures guide to make it more convenient for yourself and to share with clients. We recommend you print and provide your clients this guide and advise them to start working on preparing their home as soon as they have signed all the papers with you.

If the house is vacant, please ensure that your home has recently been cleaned to avoid things like dust buildup and dead bugs. Also, ensure that the lawn has been cut.


• Remove unnecessary items from front and back yards such as toys, hoses, worn-out furniture, grills, decorative items, flags, etc.

• Cut grass and trim bushes and trees as needed

• Sweep all porch/patio spaces and sidewalk areas

• Move vehicles away from the home as much as possible

• Storage buildings will be photographed from the outside only. Barns will be photographed inside and out.


• Turn on all lights and ensure all bulbs work (avoid mixing bulbs because they put off different colors)

• Turn off all ceiling fans, TV's, and computer monitors

• Open all curtains, blinds, and shades

• Clean all glass surfaces, countertops, and tops of furniture

• Hide or remove items you do not want shown such as tools, guns, or other expensive items.

• Do not use throws on furniture and avoid over using pillows

• Hide things such as papers, keys, phones, chargers, generic tissue boxes, etc.

Kitchen: Clean all surface tops as well as oven and microwave doors, put away all dishes, hide cleaning supplies, clean sink, remove items outside of refrigerator, etc.

Bathrooms: Hide all toiletry items from sink top and tub/shower, hide bowl scrubbers and trash cans, close the lid, remove all clothing items, minimize towels, hide laundry baskets, etc.

Bedrooms: Put away laundry, clean furniture surfaces of excess items, use closets to hide excess belongings

Garage: If being photographed, remove or hide items you do not want shown and remove your vehicle. If not being used, feel free to fill it with everything that needs to be hidden from pictures. At a minimum I need to be able to measure the garage with a laser.

Closets: Only unique closets will be photographed. All others may be used to hide stuff.

Virtual Tours

• Ensure all doors are open to all spaces you want seen, and all doors closed to those you want hidden.

• The entire home has to be prepped and ready, so have all windows adjusted, all lights on, ceiling fans and TVs off, pets and pet stuff removed, objects hidden that you don't want seen, and ensure anything seen from a window view outside is prepped as well (hiding vehicles, yard objects, etc.)

• You cannot adjust from room to room as you go. If anything changes between scans, it can cause alignment issues that will disrupt or prevent your job from completing properly, and/or degrade the final user experience.