Real Estate Photography Services and Prices

Our professional real estate photography services are not the cell phone or point-n-shoot pictures that cover the real estate market. We use quality professional equipment and software to create HDR pictures for your listing. We have heard the concerns about pictures that are either over retouched or so over the top that they don't even look like the same house anymore. Instead, we aim to find a balance between quality images that make your home stand out and reality.

Our services include HDR photography as well as aerial photos and videos via a drone, and now virtual tours as well using the Matterport 3D camera system. Please download our app for completing servicing options and pricing.



HDR Photography


Prices include sales tax and do not limit the number of images per home. Also includes complimentary room measurements. Images will be delivered within 24-48 hours via Box. All driving distances are from the studio address 4485 Coal Bank Rd. in Sparta, or from other properties being photographed in the same day. Drone services pricing is based on either the .5 hour driving distance or as an add-on to HDR Photography services.

Drone pricing, like the rest of our services is not strictly limited to x number of images. Each properpty is different and so I capture each property as needed. With video, though we have the interior videos listed on our price sheet, we are not yet providing them till we have had more time practicing them. Outdoor videos are being offered, and the final product is 1-6 minutes in length. A finished video file is delivered, or a YouTube link can be created if you do not have your own channel.

Additional Fees

Prices shown are for a set of standard conditions. Two variations I can't easily incorporate is more than normal acreage and twilight photos.

Additional Acreage

Standard pricing includes up to 1 acre of land. Additional acres may incur an additional fee of $27 due to the extra time it takes to move about the acreage and capture the necessary images. If I can capture the acreage by other means, then the fee will be avoided. If you are looking for land only images, then contact me for pricing. Additional acreage pricing only applies to a home listing with more than one acre or land being photographed and does not apply to land only jobs.

Twilight Photos

Twlight photos are beautiful and can have a huge impact on helping sell your home. If done during seasons that sunset is before 4:30 pm, then no additional cost will be charged. But beyond that time an additional fee of $55 will be charged.

Drone Services

We are licensed by the FAA, our drone is properly registered, and our drone services are fully covered by our insurance policy. When hiring a drone operator, you want to be sure that your operator meets these same requirements in order to ensure you and your client are safe and in good hands.

Payment Options

Payments can be made either via PayPal, or by check. Please make checks payable to Brandon Malone. I may not be able to come by your office to collect checks due to a busy schedule, so please be prepared to mail checks to our studio address: 4485 Coal Bank Rd. Sparta TN 38583. If paying online, I will send you a invoice thru Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account, just a credit or checking card.

Home Access

If your property is accessible via ELB, then you do not need to be there to let us in because we have access to ELBs. Simply select it as an option on the contact page for how we will be able to get inside the property if you or the owner will not be there at the time scheduled for pictures.

Virtual Tours

We now offer 3D Virtual Tours. Basic cost includes the tour site with one year of hosting, HDR images via the Matterport system, and a short video gif file. Floor plans and extended hosting are extra. Please refer to our app for pricing.