Brandon Malone and Family

Why I Do Photography:

If you’ve ever found yourself looking thru old photos of any kind, then you understand how important they are as history. Each of our lives carries their own history, full of so many wonderful stories to tell, and printed images are the only form of technology that continues to outlast itself. Video is awesome, and I definitely try to make the best use of it that I can because it too captures our history. But video is dependent on technology that changes too quickly to keep up with, as well as storage means that have 100% failure rates.

When we were going thru boxes in our house as we were getting ready to move from MD to TN, I found my own box of photos. I probably sat there for an hour looking at every last one of them. For me, photography is more than just a quick snap of something fun or cute or because you just have to do it. For me, photography is extremely personal. Who hasn’t enjoyed looking at those old photos? There’s so much story in them. They’re historical and sentimental to us. I love looking thru old printed photos of ours way more than I love scrolling thru hundreds of unending photos on my computer. There’s memories with photos, and there’s a story behind each one, and that’s what I want to do for everyone that comes to us.

I want to capture your history for you. You have various seasons in your life just as I do in mine. Of course not every one of them needs to be photographed professionally, but every now and then we all want that something extra special captured that we can hang on our walls for all to see, and so that we can constantly look at those photos and remember that time in life. As a parent, I understand this now more than ever. If I’m not careful, I’ll decorate my entire house with photos of Zachariah before he turns five. I love the different seasons and events in his life and I want so much to remember them always.

This is why I do photo photography, so I can not just take some quick photos, but instead take the time to create some amazing images that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. I love doing photography because of the satisfaction it brings when I can use my talents to make people happy. And not happy like you just got a new car, but a deep down emotionally satisfied happiness because someone you love so much is part of a beautiful display in front of you taking your breath away. That kind of happy. That’s why I do photography.

My History:

My journey as a photographer began in the summer of 1999 in Pensacola, Florida. I was fresh out of Navy boot camp, and beginning my Naval aviation career. I really wanted to capture things I was seeing, so I borrowed an old, fully manual camera from my uncle. I don’t recall the exact camera, but I do remember that the lenses were threaded and had to be screwed on, and that the only thing powered by the battery was the internal light meter.

Over the years, I studied and became a naval photographer while stationed in North Island, California. Another photographer out there gave his time and taught me the necessary basics (still using film). When I later transferred to Brunswick, Maine, I finally began to play with digital cameras. Some of which included the Nikon D100, Canon 10D, Kodak 720, and a few Nikon Coolpix cameras.

Eventually my career brought me to Washington, DC, where I finally went through the four month long Basic Still Photography course at Fort Meade. Its a very unique experience working with members of every branch of service at the same time. The Marines hold my highest respect above all others. I have also graduated from the Washington DC School of Photography, as well as have gained my certification with Professional Photographers of America. I have enjoyed working with models, wedding couples, professional cheerleaders, diplomats, and more. Regardless of who Im photography I strive to take the best care I possibly can of each client, while delivering the best quality displays that I can.

Being a family man, I enjoy having my wife, Amanda, and my son, Zachariah, with me as much as possible, so don’t be surprised if you get the meet them when you meet me. Often times, Amanda joins me on a session to assist, and Zachariah is occasionally learning to help as well. I love my family.

Finally, I am a Christian and I give all credit to Christ Jesus who gave His life to save mine. I mention this because this is what makes me who I am. What it means for you is honesty, integrity, dedication, commitment, passion, and simply that I really care about you and what I provide for you. It means that I have someone higher to hold me accountable for all I do and say. This always drives me to improve and grow. I am blessed to have a passion and ability for photography, and I love to share that blessing with others. Please don’t expect me to be perfect as a person as we all fall short some times, but do expect me to give you a quality professional experience and art work that can be cherished for generations.