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Sep 10, 2011
Like many photographers in the beginning, I knew that I loved photography, but lacked a focus. It was
kind of like discovering a love of chocolate, but not sure which flavor to gravitate to most. Over time
and through self exploration, I eventually discovered that the work I find the most satisfaction with
is that which has a human element to it, meaning that there’s a person incorporated into my photo
somehow, or the photo helps support a story of photos centered around a human element (such as a
wedding for example).

I might find myself looking at an outdoor scene, or a cool location and imagine what it’d look like with
a bride, a couple, a model, and so on. Not having someone as part of a shoot makes it feel like empty
work. But when I put someone into my images, they suddenly have a sense of life. They tell stories,
evoke feelings or memories, create fantasy and imagination, and take us places.

Photography is like my own portal into the variety of life. Each person is so uniquely different with their
own story, and for each person to bring me into their story is very humbling. To me, it is a great honor
and I am very privileged to be taken on each individual’s personal journey in life. I love being able to
create images for people that capture who they are in a way that makes glow with joyful surprise, or
capturing an time that holds the greatest personal value, or to communicate a message that can be seen
in a single image. I love being able to use my creative tools in a way that takes care of a great human
need by capturing each person’s image in that special time in their life. My adventure in life is through
others, and I’m recording it as I go through photography. Without people, where is the life in an image?

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Sep 10, 2011
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