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Jun 01, 2012
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Every once in a while I really need to have a personal project. It gives me a chance to experiement and play with new ideas and techniques, and sometimes just do something completely new and different. And since Kim and I have been trying to plan something for her for so long, she became the model in my most recent project.

Since I’m a location photographer, I don’t generally do much studio work. Plus the small size of my house combined with the really low ceilings makes it even more challanging to have a studio setup in my house. Thankfully, while brainstorming about the delima with Amanda, she helped me work out a setup that I was able to then expand on in order to do some studio work. My most important setup was to have a clean white background. Once I had that, I knew most everything would work also.

The other thing I wanted to accomplish was images using a projector. For this, I used scanned fashion magazine cut-outs that I then projected onto Kim. I prefered a black background but I have experiment with his against both white and red backgrounds as well, but the black is my personal favorite. I also used a single light off to one side as a hair light on Kim. Because I didn’t want to over power the projector, I only used the modeling light from the strobe.

As you can see in the images, the results you get are extremely varied and require the right combination of image, outfit, and pose. Having any one of these not right means the image will likely fall apart. The green dress worked beautifully with the image we projected on to it. This is a great example of needing that right combination.

What I found I preferred the most was just a swimsuit, preferable solid in color. The reason being that the swimsuit is very minimal and so works more easily with a wider variety of images. Also, it allowed Kim to look more like she was body painted, which also helped keep her flattering shape.

Aside from how cool all of this really looks, my personal favorite thing about it is that not everyone can do it since not everyone has a projector. Sure, anyone can go buy a projector, but I have a very high powered projector that most people won’t drop the money for just to do this kind of work. A cheaper, lower powered projector may work, but not near as well. If so, then cool beans. That’s why I share how I did it so others can learn, but I love doing things most others don’t do at the same time.

At the end of the day, we had tons of amazing photos of Kim. Plus I know for sure that I can pull off certain types of studio work in my home. So now let the studio work begin. I also plan on putting together a flip album using metallic paper to showcase this session with Kim. Thanks Kim for being my model for a day. You were awesome!