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Last year, 2012, was by far the craziest year ever for me.  It was our first year as parents since Zachariah was born November of 2011.  And I had more assignments than any other year, most of which were between May and October.  I could have easily booked more weddings than I did except that I didn’t have time for more. The combination of trying to grow a business while also learning to be new parents, while also working a full time, is a recipe for burn out.  I often think of how much simpler it would be if I was finally able to quit my full time job (government photographer), and take my personal business full time.  It’s something I love to do for others, providing and preserving memories with my own artistic vision.

So now we’re in a new year and with it a new focus.  As noted in a previous blog, I am phasing out all event services and moving to a portrait based business.  Of course that means relearning a lot of business practices and a new shooting frame of mind.  I’ll finally be able to slow down, and I’ll be able to better customize wall art for my client’s homes.

Now it’s time for a new focus.  A couple of things I really intend to focus hard on incorporating this year is themed portrait parties, and video.  I have some other ideas as well, such as intimate adventure sessions for couples, and reaching further into the senior market, but the themed portrait parties and video additions are really going to be strong focuses for me this year.  I’m really excited.

To help me start the year off right with my new direction we attend the Imaging USA Convention in Atlanta.  In fact, we just got home two days ago. And yes, we drove all the way down and back.  Well, Amanda did all of the driving, and my mom joined us there so she could watch (play with) Zachariah while we were in our classes.  While Amanda was driving, I was able to make a lot of progress on better learning my projection/sales software.  I still have a ways to go though.

As for the convention, it was a lot of information to take in, but we did make sure to get Zachariah and his grandmother into the expo one day.  So Zachariah was able to attend his first photo expo at a year old.  As for Amanda and I, we attended multiple classes everyday from various speakers on topics ranging from fashion and beauty lighting, to family portraiture, senior photography, baby and maternity photography, compositing, and so on.  Now we’re trying to processing everything, hoping our notes were sufficient.  Plus I invested a lot of money into new equipment to better help us do some of the things I’m aiming to do.  It was a lot of fun, and a lot of information over load, but I know we’ll do something amazing with it all.  We have lots of cool ideas, but I want to know your ideas as well so we can help bring them to life for you.

Wish us luck as we start a new path in this new year, and please feel free to join it with us.  Let me know if you have any questions about what cool equipment, products, technologies we came across while there.  Best wish to you as well on whatever adventures you have planned as well.


Here’s a list of some of our new areas of focus on photography as we wrap up what few weddings we have left:

  • Engagement Pictures
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Day-After Sessions
  • Intimate Adventure Couple Sessions
  • High School Senior Photography
  • Head Shots
  • Video commercials and interviews for small business owners
  • Photo Booth Parities
  • Themed Portrait Parties (ie. Masquerade, Sporty Me, Alter Ego, Super Hero Cow Girl, Pretty in Pink, PJ Glamour, Celebrate Sexy, Black and Denim, ,etc) for adults, teens, and young girls.
  • Celebrate Me (individual sessions for those who want to preserve the memory of their accomplishments: physical fitness or other person achievements)




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