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Apr 20, 2013
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 Custom Fine Art Framed Wall Art & Other Specialty Wall Art Display Options

image of corner of floating framed gallery wrap

Floating Framed Gallery Wraps are also available in most all larger sizes, giving an extra look of elegance to your image gallery wrap.

When you invest your precious time, energy, and money into having custom artistic imagery made, the next step in finalizing the process is to use a custom display that best fits you, your home, and your custom images.  This is something that you want to decide on prior to the session during the design appointment so that you can factor your final display into the process of customizing your creation session.  Your display is basically the icing on your cake.  The most common artistic displays are wall art, either as a single image, a series, or as a wall grouping.  The options I provide are custom framed fine art prints, metal prints, wooden prints, and canvas gallery wraps.  Each option is guaranteed to amaze you while lasting long enough to pass on later in life.



framed portrait on wall

Framed wall art print displayed in clients’ home


image of Fine Art Framed Print

Fine Art Framed Prints are the most beautiful and timeless art for your walls.


image of table top framed print

Not all framed art is has to hang on the walls. We have options for your surface displays also.



image of metal print

All metal prints are made ready to hang and are treated for longevity.




image of self standing metal print

Small metal prints can come in one of three self-standing constructions so that you can display them on any flat surface.


image of double float metal print

Some of our specialty metal prints are made with two layers of metal with a gap between the two to give it extra depth in your final display.


photo of couple printed on wood


front and back view of photo gallery wraps

Canvas Gallery Wraps include the option to either have a graphic border along the sides or have your photo wrap around the edges.


picture of photo albums on display

The upper right album is an example of a flip album. The upper left is an example of a custom metal cover album option. The bottom right is an example of a split tone cover using two different material option

Portrait Books & Albums

The other popular display for your custom images is with books and albums.  The biggest difference between the two has to do with the pages, covers, and binding, all of which are much thicker and heavier in albums than books.  Albums also have the added option of metallic paper and fancier cover options that aren’t available with books currently.


Books have evolved quiet a bit over the last few years.  Though the basic hard or soft cover and magazine page style still exists, the books I offer are much more like albums, except much thinner and less expensive.  They afford durable lay-flat pages and many cover options allowing greater customization for each individual.  But whether you opt for an album or a book, you’re gonna love holding it and showing it off to everyone.




picture of woman holding a green fabric covered album

The cover options for portrait albums are more elaborate than books, and have thinker pages and binding giving them greater value and appeal.


picture of a sideways album called a flip album

This is an example of a flip album sized 4×10 (the inside spread is 8×10 when opened). Flip books are also available.



image of portrait books

Standard portrait book sizes include 4×6, 5×7, 8×8, and 6×9 (most popular), and can be produced vertically or horizontally. Other sizes are available.


image of lay-flat book opened

All books and albums include lay-flat pages. Standard paper is treated for protection from spills, scratches, and smudges, while metallic pages are not so as to preserve the look of the metallic paper.


Accordion Books

In addition to books, you also have the option of accordion books and padded folios, but of which make great tabletop or desk displays, or can be carried around.  Accordion books can be designed so that each panel has it’s own image, or one image can span two or more panels.  The number of total panel depends on the size you choose.  A 4×6 accordion (the most popular so far) has ten panels (four on the back and six on the front), while the smaller 3×3 accordion can hold closer to 30 panels.  The covers can either be a photo wrap or a solid material, but in either case they are held together magnetically.

image of open accordion book

Accordion books make great table displays as well as convenient portable means of showing off your photos, and are available in sizes 2.5×3.5, 3×3, and 4×6.


side view image of an accordion book

Magnetic material built into the covers keep your accordion book close till you pull it open.


Padded Picture Folios

Folios are different than they used to be.  Ours are padded folios and include two inside photos.  The cover can either be in image wrap or a solid material.  These padded folios last much longer and give a greater presentation than the former cardboard options, and will definitely draw in more attention.

image of padded picture folio

Padded Picture Folios are available in sizes from 4×5 to 8×10.


Specialty Portrait Options

The next items to consider for showing off your custom images are specialty pieces.  These include ornaments, metal dog tags, metal license plates, dry erase boards, phone covers, jewelry, bags, and cards and magnets.  Any one of these can be a gift or a personal treasure.  Both the bags and jewelry include many high quality options that you’ll love.  Cards and magnets can be used for any number of occasions (holiday greetings, birth announcements, graduation announcements, save-the-dates, and more) making them fun and convenient.


image of metal photo license plate

All metal print options are printed directly into the metal surface.


image of metal photo dog tag

Metal photo dog tags are two-sided and include an outer rubber protective covering (not shown in picture).


photo of necklace with picture pendant


image of purse with photo printed on it


image of zipper on a photo bag



Save-the-date card

This is a popular card that can be used for any number of occasions.




Having a good idea of both how and where to best display your images prior to the session is critical in preparing for the session.  Knowing these details ahead of time lets everyone know how and what to shoot, as well as when and where to shoot.  Otherwise you run the risk of gaining wonderful images, none of which fit any display or location you’ve decided on after the fact.

image of a photo necklace


So when you’re thinking about these details, consider where in your home you intended to create a display.  What is the wall space, the surrounding décor, and the room colors?  Does it require vertical or horizontal images, or maybe a series?  What do you currently hang on your walls?  This can determine whether it’s best to chose a canvas gallery wrap, a custom framed art piece, or one of the other specialty pieces.  If you know that you want a bag, then decide on one early on so we know we need to capture an image specifically to fit the bag.


There really is a lot to consider, which is why a design appointment (or pre-session consultation) is so important.  That is when we’ll discuss everything in detail together; customize your session specifically to fit your needs.  Then, when it’s time to view your images for the first time and place your order, there should be no surprises, only amazement and excitement.











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Sometimes it’s interesting to go back and look at the photo work that you’ve done in the past.  I was just recently going through some old things to clear out stuff that is unnecessarily using up space and I found some pictures of Mandy, a friend of mine.  It was a personal session for me in which Mandy was my model, and my friend, Kim Taylor, provided the makeup artistry.  I also had another friend, Jessica Sager, come and provide some hair styling support for a few images as well.

I didn’t necessarily have a distinct direction for this shoot other than I wanted everyone to experiment and have fun, plus I wanted some images for the sole purpose of playing with in Photoshop.  I obviously didn’t play with every image, but I did play with a few.

I’m one of those that loves to see the before and after images of someone’s work so I can see what was actually captured and what kind of work was done in post production.  Like everyone else, I see tons of amazing images, but then wonder what it really looked like straight out of the camera before it was touched in Photoshop.  I think it’s encouraging and educational for people to see before and after imagery so as to better understand that images don’t always look so perfect straight out of capture, and also to appreciate the level of skill and work put into producing the final image that is so amazing.

I’ve included screen shots of my Layers Palette in my Before shots, but if you have any specific questions about what any of them are, feel free to let me know.  Most of what I do is minor skin retouching, hair clean up, color and contrast, and maybe a special effect of some kind.  I do also make use of effects filters at times as well for the sake of efficiency.  Again, let me know if you have any questions about anything you see or anything else in general that I can help with possibly.Blond Model Studio Portrait with purple butterfly makeup

Blond Model Studio Portrait

Blond Model Studio Portrait on a black background

Blond Model Studio Portrait

Blond Model Studio Portrait on white plexi-glass

Blond Model Studio Portrait

Blond Model Studio Portrait in cowgirl hat

Blond Model Studio Portrait

If you found this post helpfully in anyway, please let me.  Plus I appreciate Likes and Shares when I can get them.  Thanks for reading.

Post by  at Brandon Malone Photography