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Valentine’s Day Failure & Anime Con

Have you ever had one of those situations when every attempt to do something failed, but then it still turned out for the better?  That was me the past Valentine’s Day.  I know that Amanda really loves the gourmet chocolates from Spag-n-Vola, so I planned on getting her a box of them.  Generally I would call their location that’s over an hour away and place on order over the phone and then have them ship it to me.  But when I looked for their number online, I saw that they had a new location 15 minutes down the road from us at Gaylord National Harbor.

I figured I’d swing by after my physical therapy appointment, but then the snow cancelled those plans.  So I figured I’d call it in, but I couldn’t get in touch with them.  So I called the other location and still no luck.  So then I thought I would divert to a different plan and buy the next season of her current show Heartland.  I placed the order on Amazon and it said it would deliver on The Day.  Later I realized that I never got a shipping notification, and so when I looked, there was no record of my order either.  Everything was failing for me!

Valentine’s Day was also a snow day for us.  The government gave a two hour delay, but it took till lunch time to get everything cleared, so I took the day off.  I later confessed my failures, admitted to discovering that her favorite chocolate place is now down the road instead of more than an hour away, and asked if she’d just like to drive out to it.   With the drive way cleared, I don’t think no going was an option, so we jumped in the truck and headed down to the Gaylord.

As we drove into the shopping center area of the Gaylord, we started noticing people dressed a little odd, especially for the weather.  First it was a couple of girls in odd skirt outfits, and then a couple in what looked like something from Robinhood.  As we parked and walked to Spag-n-Vola, we noticed tons more people all dressed in various bazaar, but very interesting, costumes and outfits.

We went ahead and got our chocolates, and then headed over to check out was we discovered was Anime Con.  I guess the correct name for people dressing up in this fashion is called Cosplay.  I’d heard of Comic Con, and how people all dress up and stuff, but experiencing something like this is just amazing.  It wasn’t exactly warm outside and people where in all kinds of stuff, and at times without much at all.

We took our chocolates and walked around for quiet a while checking out the sites of all the different costumes that people came up with.  It was really impressing the quality and detail of most of the costumes, especially considering most made their own.  The whole experience opened my eyes to a creative world that I’d never really put much thought into.

I’ve had some fun ideas for how I can use my new studio in Tennessee once we’re out there, and I think I’ve just found an entirely new creative outlet to explore.  I’m not saying that I’m going to dress up, but I’m not saying that I won’t either.  Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up for Halloween?  What’s the difference?  What I’m thinking about now is how I can find a handle of Anime Cosplay enthusiasts in Tennessee that would be would enjoy having customs photo sessions.  If I can team up with a gaming graphic artist, then I could shot the subject against a green screen and drop them into a scene.  Or I could just shoot things in a cool fashion without changing the background.

It’s just a cool idea that I’d never thought about, and now I’m in love with the idea and hoping to shoot some Cosplay when I move to Tenessee.  I love creative stuff, which is why I loved shooting models so much, so any chance to work with other creatives is always a blast.








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Photographers/cool tools/ color deficiency tests

As a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) I have access to an online library of trainings on a wide variety of topics.  These are great of both refreshing or learning something new, so I like to try watching them when I can.

One of the videos I was watching had to do with color management.  Aside from trying to have all of your devices technically color calibrated and then all together, we still have to remember that our eyes are unique.  Some people tend to lean towards warmer colors as I do, where others lean more towards cooler colors.  And then not everyone has perfect color vision.

Colormunki is one of the color management companies, and is one that I personally favor, but I never just visit their site.  In comes the online training.  The instructor pointed out a cool test on the Colormunki website that I HAD to share!  It’s their Color Deficiency Test.

When you log into their site, click on Photographers, and then click on the Cool Tools tab and find the Color Deficiency Test.  What you’ll find is some rows of mixed up color hues that you’ll have to drag around to put them in correct order.  When you’re done, you receive a score which also makes note of your gender and age for comparison.  I did the test and got a score of 4, showing that I was a bit deficient in the green to blue range, which probably explains why I tend to go warm on my images.  You have to be sure you’re sitting down when doing the test though.  I swear the lines started warming and morphing while I was staring at them.

After I did the test, I had Amanda do it.  It does take a good few minutes to complete.  When we ran her score, she got a perfect zero.  The closer you get to zero, the better your score.  Most people don’t know this, but Amanda is a trained and experienced electrician from before Zachariah and her equine podiatry days.  She told me that she learned then that were I was deficient is apparently common for men.  It also confirms what I read in His Brain Her Brain in which they talk about the literal differences between men and women.  Women are able to see more colors and hear more audible tones than men, while men are better at driving at night.

Obviously there’s always exceptions, but it’s a fun test to take.  If you’ve got about ten or fifteen minutes to kill, try taking the test to see if or where you’re color deficient.  It’s interesting to know if nothing else.



rows of hue colors




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