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Aug 02, 2014
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tea party with pony

We recently did a session for a friend of ours for her little girl, Jolene.  When possible, we love to theme our portrait sessions.  Not only does it make the photos more fun and memorable, but it also better helps to showcase something special about this time in their lives.  For Jolene, it was supposed to be her and her pony, Max, having a tea party together.  I do love the photos we captured.  How much more precious can you get than a little girl having a tea party with her pony?

toddler tea party outside

toddler country girl in sunflowers

I think the photos that really made the whole day worth it are the ones of Jolene and her daddy sitting in the sunflowers.  Her dad was trying to help her calm back down, and the exchange between the two of them was the most heart warming moment ever.  What better connection to capture than the one she has with the most important man in her life, her daddy?  I still remember these few photos better than all the other cute ones.

daddy and little girl in sunflower field

They have friends with a large farm with a large field of sunflowers.  My favorite!  Since Jolene and Zachariah are friends, and play together really well, we brought him along as well.  We figured they could play some, but it turned out that we couldn’t hardly photograph Jolene without one of her three favorite guys, which includes Zachariah.  At least it did make sense because we ended up capturing their young relationship together as well.  This is be great memories once we’re states apart.

toddler cowgirl and cowboy and their pony

We had a lot of fun, and I REALLY love these photos.  I’ve provided links below to see all the pictures, as well as a photo gallery app for smart phones.

Online Gallery

Photo Album App 


boy and girl sitting on old truck

kids cowboy and cowgirl boots

toddler boy and girl by old truck

little girl eating a twinkie

toddler country couple in sunflower field

county boy and girl in sunflower field


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