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Sep 29, 2014
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I love checking out all of the product options out there for displaying images in fun and creative ways that people aren’t used to seeing.  I see all kinds of stuff all the time that I love, but the challenge is that I have to filter down to the ones that fit my style and that of my clients.  There’s some times products that I’d love to use, but can’t find a way to fit them in with my product line, but I’ll keep note of them for future reference.  The other challenge is that if you have too many options, then it’s harder for customers to make a decision.  We need to focus more on displaying the images we create rather than the products we use to display them.

With all that in mind, I finally found a way to incorporate a new product line from a company I eye-balled a while back, Lohtak.  They have some rustic artistic products that include torn edge art prints, barn wood frames, and more.  I’m not making use of all of their products, but instead focusing on a certain few.

Of course if I’m going to start using a new product line, I first have to test it out with some samples.  So I recently ordered a framed print, a loose print, and some torn edge business cards.  I must say that they are more impressive in person that they are on line.  And so far the feedback from others has been amazing.  I’m already looking at ways of further utilizing this new product since I think it is a great fit for our style.  It just goes to show that you should always pay attention to stuff as it comes out even if it’s not for you right now.


torn edge cards

These are my new torn edge business cards.

barn wood picture frame

This is a our new barn wood framed torn edge art prints.


floating print in frame

The torn edge art prints are set off great in these frames.




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As we work on wrapping up our last year in Maryland, we recently had the pleasure of doing a special photo session for some old clients/friends.  We photographed Kevin and Ashleigh’s wedding years ago at Sotterley Plantation.  Now they have their little one, Jackson, who is about to turn one year old soon.  They really wanted to have us photograph them one last time before we move, while focusing on Jackson’s celebration.  And in a way of bring everything full circle (as Ashleigh put it), we went back to Sotterley for what is now the last time for us there.

I can’t express how much Amanda and I enjoyed seeing them again, and Jackson for the first time.  It’s too back we can’t take them with us to TN.  We had a ball and I love the Year One Portraits that we captured for them.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the photos as well.

one year old boy

Click HERE for the full gallery of images

Click HERE for the phone album app

baby boy sitting between parents


smiling baby boy on bench


holding baby feet


parents kissing baby boy


parents helping baby walk


portrait of little boy


family in sports jerseys


matted family photo outdoors


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Sep 15, 2014
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So here’s an interesting thing that I had to share.  As you know, we are moving less than a year from now out to Tennessee.  So this year involves a lot of transitioning.  This past holiday weekend, we had to make a trip to Kentucky for Amanda’s nephew’s graduation.  But because of the timing of the graduation and the distance between there and our place in Tennessee, we decided to make use of the trip and move a load of our stuff.  You should have seen our house after we emptied the entire attic into our living spaces.  It was a cramped disaster.  And then it seemed to barely take up any space in our horse trailer.

Anyways, in the mist of grabbing and going thru things I discovered a large stack of 24×36 sized metallic prints.  There were a few groups of them.  Some from a friends’ wedding, some from my brother’s wedding, and some from my first actual fashion shoot back when I was still working with Reign Model Agency.  They’d probably been up there at least six or more years.  Still in their plastic sleeves and enduring the extreme heat and cold.  You know that a 100 degrees outside translates to a lot hotter in an attic.

There were other things too, like some gallery wraps and albums, all of which were fine.  I was just most impressed with the prints.  I pulled them out of their sleeves and they still looked brand new.  I also talk about how lasting the products are that I sell, so it’s nice to see it lived out in extreme circumstances.  Some times prints will dry out, or ink will melt and stick, or just become fragile, but none of my professionally produced products.  All of them look just as new as the day I received them.  I just had to share.


holding a poster print

This is an image from my first official fashion shoot when I was working with Reign Model Management






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