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As many of you know, we are still some what new to TN, and being horse people we want to reach out and get involved with other horse people.  And after working with the MD High School Rodeo Association before moving to TN, I was anxious to do some more rodeo work, and thru some searching found the Lil’ Wrangler Jr. Rodeo, run by Laura Wallace.

I contacted Laura and offered to help where I can.  Then when we finally got into town, she invited us over to one of their meetings were I learned a lot more about the organization, what they’re doing and why.  Basically, it started years ago to provide free rodeo activities for kids that couldn’t afford to do the normal rodeo activities that were not free.  So this is a really cool thing that she’s doing, and it has grown quiet a bit over the years.  And with the new season starting in  a couple of weeks, the first rodeo event is also their fundraising event, which helps to pay for all the equipment and trophies and more.  The fundraiser will be at the White County Fairgrounds on April 25.  If you want to see the full details on this event, then check out this post from their Facebook page:

I will also be at the fundraiser as well, putting my skills to work taking some pictures and video for them to utilize.  But I will also be donating 5 photo sessions with an 11×14 mounted print for them to sell as part of their fundraising.  Whatever they sell for is what goes towards the organization.  I’m donating my time and some material cost from these five sessions to hopefully help these kids have what they need to go on in their rodeo experiences.  If you’re interested, then I’m hoping to either have a table or share a table where I can also have some sample images there to see.

As you’ve noticed, one of the cool things I was able to do for them was an interview with Laura herself.  This was totally on a whim, completely unscripted, and so not perfect.  I loved doing this and look forward to tons more interviews with others in the future.  This one did go longer than expected, but it was full of great info and so I just couldn’t cut anything out.  This is the full video as it was captured in one take.

I love a good rodeo, and it’s a great reason to get the family out for a day, while at the same time helping provide funds for kids.  So if you can, then please go out and join them for the fundraising event and show your support.



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