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Jun 12, 2015
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One thing that I don’t get to do often is photograph cars, especially sexy classic cars like the one we did recently.  We had a neighbor recently that asked me to photograph him and is 62’ Corvette.  So we talked a couple of times, then set it up for shooting on his property because he loves the view and wanted that as his background.  No big deal, as long as you have a half-an-idea as to what you’re doing.

So let me share with you how I light and photographed this classic car incase you want to try the same thing some day.  But before I do, I first want to share an image with you that I did first to show the difference between a professionally done image and a non-professional image.  The car was already where I wanted it, so I used my Sony A77ii and told the gentleman to just go stand by the car.  I put the camera on full everything auto and snapped the following image below.  No posing and no lighting.

You can see that image has good exposure and color, but it’s lacks pop, has harsh shadows, and he has a tree sticking out of his head.  Makings of a perfect image to throw aside instead of hang on the wall.


Now that we’ve identified the areas to work with, let me give you the basics of what I did and why.  Plus if you watch the video, you’ll see the setup.

The first thing I did was identify the background that was most desirable according to what the client said he wanted.  Then I noted the sun and the direction that it travels.  This helped me better determine how I wanted the car turned in relation to the sun.

The  sun basically was almost straight to my right and slightly back, and was going to just go up and over to my left as the day went on.  So we chose to shoot mid-morning, making it cooler for us and putting the sun to the backside of the car, which of course made the front of the car heavily shadowed and you can see in the first image.  To take care of the shadow, I put a light with a beauty dish and diffusion sock in front of the car, pointed mostly at the car but slightly towards my subject.

The next thing to do was decide where I wanted my subject to stand next to the car so I could figure out where to put my light for him.  Once I had that figured out, I put my light with a 60 inch umbrella up high and almost perpendicular to the car, but slightly to his right since the sun was to his left.  By positioning it this way, I was able to light him and the car more softly so that it better blended in.

I won’t go into power settings or any of that stuff, but I will briefly mention two other tools that I used.  One is a circular polarizer filter to control reflections on the car, and a color checker passport to ensure accurate colors.  You can see the final results in the image below.

red 62' corvette

I do want to mention also that the goal of this shoot was to create a wall display to replace the old junky one that he’s had for years.  We ended up succeeding and creating a 20×30 metal print for him that was absolutely beautiful.  I hope this helped.  Check out the slideshow and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.



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Jun 06, 2015
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Exciting news!  We finally did our first official photo shoot in our new studio this past week.  Those that watch my Facebook Page will have see the slideshow already.

This was actually supposed to be a test shoot for me and the make-up artist, Erin Temple, who works down at the Golden Glo Salon in Sparta.  Before we went on to start any large projects together, I suggested she bring someone over and we’ll do a test shoot together.  That way she can she if she likes my work and how I work.  Plus it essentially did the same for me with her, seeing how she is to work with as well.

I think everyone came away with a great experience, and then later loving the images too!  If you watch the slideshow, you can see my lighting setup plus what the styling station looks like.  Our new barn studio is large enough to accommodate all the things we’ve been looking forward to doing and more.  In fact, I’m really anxious to get our horses in there hopefully in the next few days to do test shots with them next.  Plus I know someone with a beautiful motorcycle, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get him to bring that in in the near future as well.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally start working in the new studio instead of on the new studio.  There’s so much ahead of us and so many amazing opportunities for everyone, that I can’t wait.  And if you’re reading this and see potential opportunity for you as well or just have any questions, please get in touch with me.

Thanks for reading!


make-up being applied

full length model photo

female headshot

model headshot

triple matted photos

This is a digital matte project that I sell. Few people notice it’s not a real matte when printed.


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Jun 01, 2015
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red barn

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  So what have I been up to lately?  Well, since we moved to TN we have been absolutely consumed with getting the new studio building built and ready to open.  As anyone in our area knows, the weather can be a frequent cause of delay.  We are definitely more delayed than that ever expected.  Here we are the 1st of June and just finally opening our doors when we expected to be at this point back in March.

For those wondering, we did almost everything ourselves.  There’s a few things we either outsourced or brought it extra help for, but overall this was completed mainly by me and Amanda.

We purchased our metal building from WorldWide Steel Buildings.  They were great to work with and the buildings are designed to be self assembled.

For our insulation we did a combination of spray foam from FoamItGreen, and reflective insulation from InsulationStop.  I love both, but the foam spray definitely has it’s complications.  Their system and instructions are great, but the problem is waiting for the temperatures to all be right.  Both the surface temps and the chemical temps have to be between 65 and 85 degrees or it won’t work.  And having a metal building, the surface temps change quickly depending on direct sun light.

We got our window from Whittenburg Glass Services, and our plumbing within the building was done with Integrity Plumbing.  Of course we ended up getting a mirror from Whittenburg as well after we broke our original one for the styling station.

For our HVAC, we called in Airflow Heating and Cooling.  With all the insulation in the building, even with the height, it doesn’t seem to take much to keep the temps comfortable, but having the new HVAC system is a good thing to have.

For our lumbar we purchased a bunch of rough cut wood from Savage Lumbar.  Most people look at the inside and think we got a bunch of old barn wood when in fact it’s new wood that’s just be stained or painted to look that way.

There’s still more to go with the building like putting down gravel and connecting the septic and other finishing touches within the building, but overall it is ready to be put to work.  And what kind of work would that be?  Well, we’re looking at horse portraits, fitness photos, family photos, senior photos, indoor trampoline photos, model photos, motorcycle photos, portrait parties, and much more.

building materials on ground

metal building materials after delivery

holding up metal building column

metal frame

unfinished metal barn

metal barn building

foam spray

Corvette Shoot (7)

wood stain

styling station

whisky barrel sink




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