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Oct 23, 2015
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Friends of White Co Animals LogoHey Everyone,

We are quickly getting close to our big event, the Free Halloween Facebook Photo Day!  Most of you know about it, but I wanted to share a bit more about the “about” part of it.  As most of you know, we are still relatively new in the area.  We moved here over the winter and put most of our time and energy into building the photography studio that we now enjoy here on our property.  We’ve never had this kind of space before and so we want to put it to good use as much as we can.  Plus I have been looking for ways to do things in a way in which I can partner with a local charity or organization.

As the summer months were wrapping up and fall was quickly coming, it dawned on me that Halloween would be a perfect opportunity to do something fun and beneficial in the studio.  We know that people love dressing up, whether it be their kids, their pets, or even themselves, so making a way for people to come and get a free professional image at the same time seemed perfect.  Then we just needed to partner up with someone to take it the rest of the way, which is where Friends of White County Animals comes in.  Being that we’re animal lovers, and that we’ve recently added pet photography to our business, we thought they were the best fit.  Plus they are unique in that part of their mission includes cats where others only focus on dogs.  They also have an interest in helping education people.

This entire event is something that we’ve never done before and we are totally excited about it.  We’ve got candy, hot chocolate, and possibly will be playing some movies.  We’ve also received tons of support from you guys and can’t wait to see what all of your contributions add up to in the end.  Speaking of, what we’re asking (not requiring) is for people to either donate food or money to help Friends of White County Animals.  Whether it’s a single can of cat food, or an entire package.  They are specifically asking for can and dry kitten and cat food since that is their greatest need right now.  They will also have someone present for part of the day so you can talk to them and ask questions.

I’m hoping that in the future we’ll be able to do more events like this.  But for now it’s the Halloween event for free photos, which by the way are not printable files and we’re not selling the images.  These are strictly low-resolution images that are designed for electronic display, which includes social media sites such as Facebook.  I will upload all the images into a gallery on my Facebook page where everyone can go get them.  If anyone is not on Facebook and would like for me to email them, then I can do so by request.

But that’s it for now.  Check out the video interview I did with the ladies of Friends of White County Animals, and I hope to see you real soon!


flyer for halloween event


picture of interview


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