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Jan 23, 2016
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Alright, so it’s once again been too long since my last post.  I was expecting a lot more down time to get things caught up and what not, but that hasn’t proven to be the case.  But at least I might have something of interest to talk about.

Recently I attended the Imaging USA Convention in Atlanta.  For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a photography convention put on by Professional Photographers of America.  It’s three days of classes covering almost every topic you can imagine, and an expo full of different kinds of vendors.  This is where I go to recharge myself, research ideas, and more.  Well this year I went with a new focus that I’ve never had before, to learn about volume based photography.

Before we moved here I was focused on weddings.  Once we moved, we dropped weddings and moved to more of a boutique style portrait business.  But since we’ve been here I’ve noticed the lacking in satisfactory options in the volume based areas, meaning school pictures and team photos.  The problem was that I knew absolutely nothing about these business models, nor whether or not I can integrate them into my current business without hurting my boutique side.

With the help of some classes, photographers that I met while there, and some of the various vendors, I am now better equipped to move forward in these areas.  But don’t be too quick to think I’m about to start showing up in everyone’s schools doing your kids pictures.  School photography is much more complex than I realized due to kids privacy data concerns.  I’m not fully setup in a way that would comply with the laws that will be coming down the pike in the near future.  But that’s fine because I think I’d rather start with where I’m going next, sport photography.  I’m referring to rec or travel team sports, and not school sports.

Currently I am in the process of developing a sport photography business, which will be completely different than my portrait business, but will still provide awesome images and products.  I’m teaming up with Next Generation Photography Solutions to create a system that is fast and efficient, and will create some crazy cool graphic images that will blow you away.  It is requiring a few new pieces of equipment, but it also requires some test subjects.  So at the moment I am looking for my first team to test the system with.  Whoever that team is will receive some free prints.  I’m hoping to do this by mid-February so that I can have enough time to have some products ready to display when I set up at the Becca Anne Barn Sale in March.

I did cover more things while at Imaging as well.  My other focus was on high school senior photography.  Plus I explored the products by the various vendors.  But I’ll talk more about those things another time.  And by the way, the next Imaging USA Convention will be in San Antonio.




acrylic print samples

This is a collection of acrylic print options from a new company I’ll be working with.

portrait session

This was a demo by Next Gen Sports Photography

sport balls with pictures

This is another of many new vendors that I’ll be working with. They produce sport balls with pictures on them that are absolutely beautiful to look at.


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Jan 01, 2016
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Happy New Year’s Everyone!

It is now time to look at the past year and the year ahead to see where we’ve been and what’s in our future.  As many of you know, this past year was our first year in TN as we moved in fully just two weeks before the big ice storm that left us without power for almost a week, while others up to three weeks.  We had moved here from MD and decided to build a studio for me to work out of and to take my business full time so I can better take care of my clients.  Of course the challenge has been getting going in a new area where nobody knows me and isn’t used to having too much for options beyond just a disc of images only.  Not to mention the studio took three months longer than anticipated to get it up and operational, so that set us back a bit as well, making it so we didn’t even start working on the business till June.  But considering all things, I think we did pretty well as far as just making ourselves known and trying to leave great impressions.

Looking back, I did 25 portrait/commercial sessions, 5 homes for sale, 2 portrait parties, a corporate party, an aviation expo event, the halloween event in the studio, the Lil’ Wrangler’s Jr Rodeo, and so much more.  We even photographed our first TV celebrity, Susie Dobbs.  We also set up booths for the first time at the Putnam, Cumberland, and White County fairs, as well as at the Becca Anne Barn Sale, oh yeah and the Lester Flatt Festival.  Many of these things were first time things for me and so it was very exciting and there were many lessons learned.  But I have made a lot of new friends and a few new business partnerships, and have some cool things coming up for 2016.  Things like Valentine’s pictures in the studio coming up later this month, and then shortly thereafter we’ll have a head shot week for professionals at the studio as well.  We also have some more commercial jobs coming up, which is very exciting, and I’m hoping to break into a few more new areas such as pageantry, team sports, and possibly school portraits.  I’ve also got a few calendar projects that I’m hoping to work on, along with some scenic art images of the area, plus I’m hoping to finally do some jewelry shoots.

I anticipate that as we come into spring time, I’ll get hit a lot harder with real estate photo jobs.  I hoping that I’ll also be able to better get into the high school senior picture market as well, and for all the surrounding counties, not just White County.  Some of the things I was most excited about was the portrait parties and fitness sessions.  We still have one coming up soon that will also include some pinup pictures as well, which will be another first for me.  I’ve never had the opportunity to do any pinup photography before, so this is exciting.  But there will continue to be a lot of new things for me as there always is in life, but that just keeps things interesting.

I forgot to mention that pet photography was another new thing for us this year.  I noticed that I wasn’t seeing much of it and realized that our studio is perfect for doing them.  We built the studio to photograph horses in it, so I know we can photograph smaller animals as well.  I keep hoping to get a biker in the studio as well.  We also were expecting to do a lot more equine (horse) photography than we did considering we’re horse people, but hopefully that’ll change as well in the coming year.  When our horses get the summer coats again, we plan on bringing them back into the studio to get some portraits of each of them finally.

For those photographers out there that are in their earlier stages and are looking to go further, I’m still looking to organize a gathering at the studio over the winter to see where everyone is at, where they want to go, and what help can be given.  By doing this, I hope to help raise the bar on the quality of both the service provided and the artwork created from the photographers in our area, giving the people something greater to look forward to than just a collection of files alone.

I suppose we’ll see what 2016 brings.  There’s a lot I hope to accomplish and I hope that many of you will travel with me and take me along with you as well.  Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get our trampoline too.  Thanks everyone!


little cowboy

Tennessee Walker dog

male and female fitness models

girl laying on truck

farm property

ladies dancing in studio party

barn sale

studio halloween picture

red 62' corvette

foam spray

ribbon cutting group photo

Ribbon cutting photo from Grand Opening event




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