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Project Graduation Senior Pictures

When I was in high school, we simply went to our graduation and then left from there to celebrate with our friends or family if or however we decided to do so.  We never had anything like Project Graduation where kids can celebrate together, both safely and away from dangerous influences.  I was never one prone to drink and be wild and get into trouble, but there are always plenty of them that are.  The last thing any graduating senior needs is to accidentally destroy theirs or someone else’s life with one bad celebratory mistake.  That’s why I really love the idea of Project Graduation.  Granted I’m not a fan of staying up late at night to party, especially till the sun comes up, but for most of the kids this is an awesome opportunity.

Yet as great as this program is, like everything else it cost money to do.  That’s why I have decided to use my senior photography business to help.  Of course not all schools do this, so I can only help the ones that do.  For those schools that do have Project Graduation, I will make contributions to them when a senior for that year and from that school invests into senior portrait pictures with us.  The level of contribution for each senior that I will make will be based on their level of investment with us.  Basically I donate 10% of the total profits from each senior client.  So if a senior from WCHS in Sparta invest $1000 with me, and my total costs of sales is $350 (hypothetically of course), then I’ll donate $65 to the WCHS Project Graduation on behalf of the senior.  But the trick is that I will only do this up to two months before graduation.  After that, no contributions will be made.  So if you’re a graduation senior soon and your school has Project Graduation, and you know you want senior pictures other than what the school contracts, then you can help raise money for your Project Graduation at the same time you make that investment into your senior pictures with us.

So what do you need to do?  Just go to our senior photography website and fill out the contact form so we can get you scheduled for a consultation, and then get you started with a fun and exciting experience.  While on the website, be sure to check out all the other information that is there for you.  You’re gonna love what we are going to do for you!


senior girl in on hay bale

B&W senior girl portrait

senior guy with guitar


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