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Everyone is always trying to save money where they can.  We all want to be smart shoppers and minimize investment when and where possible in order to maximize profit gains.  That’s why there’s some For Sale By Owner signs in front of so many houses.  We recently sold a house earlier this year, and so we know every well how important every penny of that home sell is, and the last thing you want to do is let thousands of dollars go to other people when you feel like you can do the job just as well without the realtor.

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I’m not hear to tell you one way or the other about whether or not to use a realtor.  I love and trust most of the realtors I work for and I know they bend over backwards to take care of their clients, and most of the homes I photograph for them are often sold within a month of the pictures being taken.  Many of my realtors’ clients were people that first had the For Sale By Owner sign in their front yards.  So it’s a decision you’ll have to make.

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What I’m here to talk about is real estate photography.  If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, then you really need to higher a professional photographer to take photos to sell your home for you.  We’ve all seen the thousands of listings out there with horrible photos.  We laugh at them and move on because we don’t even consider them to be serious.  First impressions matter don’t they?  Junky pictures, or no pictures makes an impression, and that’s not the impression you want your potential buyers to have when they see your listing for the first time.  They’s why photography really is a critical investment when it comes to selling your home.  Beautiful pictures will draw people into your listing that would otherwise have passed it on by.  And of course more attention leads to higher chances of finding a buyer more quickly.

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Don’t forget that it’s a race when selling your home, and you’re competing with all the other listings out there, and when a very small percentage of listings actually use professional photography, your home will have a very competitive advantage over all the other listings still using junk images.  So professional photos of your home will give you the advantage and the statistics will be on your side.  Listings with fewer pictures always take longer to sell, and listings with professional images almost always move faster.  Photography really is a must have investment when listing your home for sale, whether by owner or realtor.  You want them done.  Don’t believe me, go and look at listings and notice the difference in impression it makes on you when seeing listing with professional pictures verses non-professional pictures.

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So let’s go one step further and talk about drone photography.  Remember that the FAA requires most drones to be registered, and those operating them in exchange for anything must hold a remote pilot license.  I also recommend that the photographer hold sufficient insurance coverage just in case the unexpected happens.  Not all homes will qualify for drone photography, meaning that it doesn’t make sense for all homes.  Usually larger estates and farms and such are ideal candidates for drone photography and video.  Is it essential?  No more than photography itself, but like professional photography, it does make a huge difference in helping sell your home faster.  People are using drones more often in real estate photography and the results in faster sales as a result have been amazing.  It makes sense though because how many people already want to see the satellite view of a property that they’re considering?  Drones just give us the extra advantage by providing those aerial images at different angles and heights, plus can record it on video as well.

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So can you sell your home without professional pictures?  Sure you can.  Will it sell as fast?  Not very likely.  So is it worth the extra investment up front for you if it means selling your home faster?  I know it is!  I start my pricing at $82.  That’s nothing compared to all the other expenses of selling your home, and will do more to sell your home than most of those other things.  So it’s up to you.  Whether you’re selling your home on your own or using a realtor, you really want professional real estate photography done in order to give your home sell the best possible chance it can have to become someone else’s next home.  Thanks for reading!

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Dec 01, 2016
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So after months of studying in my spare time, I finally took and passed my Part 107 Knowledge test in order to gain my license as a remote pilot operator so that I can start providing drone imagery services for my real estate photography clients.  For months I have been looking to do this, but haven’t had much spare time.  As the season slowed down, I was finally able to put in the time needed, and in the end I scored a 93% on my test!  Way better than I expected to get.

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For those who have not yet taken it, I want to make sure you know that it is not a simple test.  It was not a simple study and pass a test kind of thing.  I had to really dig in and get as much info as I could.  I had to learn it and understand things about maps, and weather, and airport and radio operations, air craft performance, and personal performance.  If I didn’t understand something, then I found a video online to help me understand.

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I found that I wasn’t able to rely on one single source alone for preparing.  The FAA Study Guide is a great starting point and has lots of good info, but there’s other things on the test that aren’t covered in the study guide.  I found an app for $20 that had almost 400 study questions.  Many of which were on the actual test.  This app combined with the study guide and online videos really helped.  I found other online courses also that are great, but I was close enough to being ready by the time I found them that it no longer made sense for me to invest in them.  The app by the way was called the Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep – UAS Rating.

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For those wanting to know about the test itself, please feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below.  I was not allowed to take into the testing area my phone, material of any kind, or writing tools like pens or highlighters.  I was provided with a book that contained all the charts I had to refer to, and I was not allowed to mark in the book.  I was given a clear plastic page and a dry erase marker if I needed to make marks over any of the pages for any reason.  They also gave me a pencil and one sheet of blank paper.  My test was done on a computer and I was able to bounce around as needed between questions.  That way I could address all the easy ones first, and then go back to the ones needing more thought.

Once the test as done, I left there with a couple pieces of paper, one of which included a code related to my scores.  I had to wait up to 48 hours for the system to see my code so I could complete the online precess for my remote pilot license.  Once I got that submitted, now I’m waiting for about 7 days to receive my temporary license till I finally receive my official one.

I know that there’s still lots of drone operators out there flying commercially that do not yet their license. For mine and my client’s sake, I refused to do that.  Once I knew I was ready for the test, I finally purchased my first drone, the DJI Phantom 4.  Now while I wait for the process to finish running its course, I’m getting myself acclimated to my newest tool for my real estate photography.  I definitely was not looking forward to all the expenses, but it’s worth it in the end.


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