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I’m still in the crazy season of running, but I really wanted to share some favorite photos from a recent engagement shoot.  This is Mike and Lisa, and we did their engagement pictures at Sotterley Plantation in Hollywood, MD, which is also where they’re getting married next year.  They’re tons of fun to work with and I can’t wait for their wedding day.  They’ve picked one of my favorite locations, as well as my personal favorite coordinator/planner, Tre Bella Events.  Nothing but success and amazing pictures is in their future.  I hope you enjoy the photos.













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Sunrise Engagement Picture in Old Town Alexandria


This is one of our very special couples. We first met Amanda while working with the Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders. She was always very passionate and enthusiastic about what she did, but that is the kind of person Amanda is. So when she contacted me about her wedding, Amanda (my wife) and I were crazy excited. Of course we also were curious as to what the guy is like that won her over. In my mind, I imagined he was going to be a large muscular football player. Though Justin isn’t a football player, he aparently is a former pro rugby player. So note to self: don’t make him mad. Joking of course.


Engagement photo of couple walking away


Justin and Amanda are big about Old Town Alexandria, so that’s where they had in mind to shoot. In planning for it, I suggested we go extra early in the morning so as to get a sunrise photo. The added benefit is that we made up over ninety percent of the popular in the immediate area since everyone else was still sleeping. That or they were participating in the run that took over one of the streets out there.


Couple posed in front of brick wall


We really did enjoy Old Town that time of the morning. The street lights, shop lights, tree lights, and traffic lights lit up the streets. Since we were aiming for the sunrise, we were not able to get any of these amazing street views. So that’ll have to be a future session. It really was our first time shooting a couple in Old Town, but you can beat I’ll be taking more pictures out there in the coming months.


Couple doing hand stand during engagement session


Working with Justin and Amanda was tons of fun. They really care about having quality creative photos, and they’re more than willing to do whatever necessary to have them. It really is a pleasure and an honor to be in a position to go into the lives of people in order to reveal their passion for each other, and their playful characters that make them mesh so well together. I think one of my favorite revealing moments during our shoot was when Amanda playfully stuck her tongue out at Justin while he was looking away. As a photographer, you don’t get these kinds of moments until you’ve made some kind of connection with your subject, making them feel at ease, as if they’re no longer being photographed, but instead having their relationship captured.


Engagement photos at loading dock
So we get all kinds of amazing pictures, we’ve all be up since way too early on a Saturday morning, and what better way to wrap everything up than with a good breakfast. Thankfully they new of a great little place to go. And, in Malone fashion, it was a family affair so we had little Zachariah with us. We left him in his car seat, but had him up high with us. Apparently he was having a great experience since he was laughing excessively for a while before he finally passed out. At least we know everyone had a great time. I can’t wait for the actual wedding day. It’s going to be amazing.