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Feb 19, 2017
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So I realize that I’m late in getting another post out and so wanted to just briefly update you on where things are at with the new company.  As you know the name has been established, along with the logo, and the LLC.  I’ve also created the website, but haven’t done anything to it yet.  I mainly just wanted to get it present.

Since then I have established a working relationship with two local photographers that I highly trust and am working with them to do various functions, including being primary photographers for different types of jobs.  With one of them we even completely our first school picture day test shoot using our sons’ class at his school.  The job is still in progress, but the shoot itself went really good considering we’d never done that before.  While that’s wrapping up we are now working on church directories, followed by pageant pictures.  We are also getting ready to start working on getting our branding clothing.

There’s a ton of work and expense along the way, but it’s exciting and I can’t wait for it to blossom.



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Jan 01, 2017
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boudoir portrait in white shirt

When creating my magazine background some time back, I discovered that I had a number of cutouts that were more appropriate for risqué photos than for senior portraits like originally planned, so I set them aside and made a separate background.  Then when I got my chance to shoot someone against it, our pictures ended up pushing the envelope more than I originally had in mind.  It was at this point that I started considering the possibility of adding boudoir photography to our options.

boudoir portrait in black gown

I’ve never officially been a boudoir photographer, but this shoot showed me that I can apply my own fashion style of shooting to create a different style of boudoir portraits than most are used to getting.  Once the door was opened on this shoot, we ended up having fun trying different ideas beyond what we originally had in mind.  By the way, all the styling was done with Jenny the Updo Queen, out of Cookeville.  This shoot was a collaborative project between the two of us.  She’s an awesome stylist, and I’ve decided that all session prices will include her styling fee so that she does styling on any future boudoir sessions I book.

naked back jewelry photo

I do not plan on going full boar into boudoir photography, but I do plan on making it available from this point on.  I do believe there is something extremely special about such intimate types of portraits.  There’s a tremendous amount of trust that must be had with the photographer to make one’s self so vulnerable to the camera.  But the results are enormous for the women that do it.  Let me share a brief story to explain what I mean.

I had a female friend years ago during my early years of learning photography.  She’d recently come out of a physically abusive situation and had some serious self-esteem struggles resulting from it.  I was in the Navy still at the time, but when I come home on leave I ended up doing a photoshoot with her (on film by the way).  These photos helped her to once again realize that she was a beautiful, strong woman, even under the bruises that still appeared in the photos.  For her, those photos were the best therapy she got and it got her back on her feet again.  Photography is intimate and personal, and I love being apart of that kind of connection with people.

studio fashion photo of female model

Granted not everyone’s reasoning for wanting such intimate photos will be as extreme as my friend’s situation, but such photos can be and should be empowering.  They should built self-esteem by showing how beautiful a woman is.  Some great reasons for getting boudoir photos made are holiday gifts, wedding day gifts, celebrating times in life, or even capturing your body’s prime physical condition.  There’s lot of reasons to do boudoir pictures, and if you’d like for me to do them, then you can now come to me for a boudoir photography session.

boudoir portrait in red garter

At the moment I am looking at three different investment level packages.  All include a pre-session consultation so that we can discuss in detail about expectations, the sessions, and more.  They also include styling and an in person viewing and sales appointment where you’ll experience your images via projection and make your selections for your products.  Depending on the session package you select will determine your session time, outfit changes, number of sets, and print credits.  Currently all my pricing is based on staying in my studio, but I have no problem doing a session on location if desired.

boudoir portrait of naked back

At the moment I do not have plans on creating a separate website for boudoir photography since I’m not primarily marketing myself as local boudoir photographer, but this new service will be available by request.  If you have any questions or want to schedule yourself a session, please let me know.

country styled americana picture of girl on barrel




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Nov 15, 2016
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For years I have wanted to create a fashionable background in the studio using magazine cutouts.  I’ve had a large stack of cutouts for the last few years just sitting in a box waiting for their time to come.  I finally have done it and still have probably 90% of my cutouts left over.  It was definitely an interesting challenge, but I wanted something fashionable and different for my high school senior portraits.

For those of you wanting to know how I created it, it was simple in concept, but a bit of a challenge in execution.  I had some left over background paper that I’d saved, and so I put that down on the floor and weighted it on the corners to keep it from rolling up.  Then I started kind of in the middle since it made the most sense to work my way out, and used a spray adhesive from Walmart to glue them down.  The problem I quickly discovered was that I couldn’t anticipate what image I want overlaying which till I had the next image in hand and figured out where I wanted it to go.  So then I figured I’d just lay them out generically and glue them down after.  Well that posed the problem of keeping everything in place while trying to glue them all down.  Plus you can’t get to all of them because some are under others.  So that was a challenge.

Another thing I figured out quickly was that I needed gloves on my hands due to the glue getting on everything in the process.  I probably changed them at least four times.  I also had to take my shoes off and just walk in my socks.  Yes, my socks got sticky too.  I eventually got it, and then moved on the the second background.  I was less strategic on that one and went back to working my way outward again, but gluing down as I went.  I think I put too much attention on the first one, not keeping in mind that the goal is to have a unique textured background, and not for the background itself to be a work of art.  The cutouts are of course all works of someone else’s art and are just supposed to be elements and not dominate factors.

Once I got my backgrounds, I reached out and got some test models to play with.  We tried a few different looks and light setups to see what kind of variety I can get.  I think in the end we got lots of cool stuff and that the magazine cutout background will be a great option for our high school seniors.

senior fashion portrait of girl in holy shirt

senior fashion portrait of wet girl

senior fashion portrait holding phone

senior portrait in brown sweater

senior girl dancing

senior masquerade portrait
girl in cowgirl outfit in studio





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