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Aug 02, 2016
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I finally have made most of the progress that I’ve been aiming to accomplish for so long with our new sports photography business.  We have created a new website focusing on team sport photography team and individual pictures.  In it I talk about the process, what we do, and some of the product options that we have to offer.  I have even created an online ordering site for those that want to place orders beyond the shoot day.

Throughout the process of developing this new area of business, I have constantly asked for inputs from others.  I want to know from the kids and parents both what they have or haven’t liked, how what we do compares with what others are doing, and where we can improve.  Doing this has helped us see distinct differences, not including the graphic composite work that we’re doing.

The biggest difference that I’ve seen is that we give options.  We provide a few posing example images for players to look at and choose from instead of simply telling them how I want them to pose.  Eventually we will have standing canvas banners to better display these options.

The other option that makes us stand out is in our products.  I’ve heard from some that they are only offered prints to buy compared to us offering lots of cool products to choose from such as printed sports balls, water bottles, phone cases, the coveted blankets, and more.  Not only do we have these great images and product offerings, but we also have them at very low prices.  I really don’t make much money off of these products, but it’s worth it if it means more people can enjoy their images in a fun new way.  I’ve included both sides of the sports order form so that you can see the team and individual image options, as well as the photo product options to choose from.  That and you can see the product options and individual options and prices too.

Considering we are still in early stages in this new business area, I really feel great about how far we have come with it.  And I’m super excited to see how much it takes off over the next year.  And because of the OVERWHELMING amount of inputs from parents, I have provided my information with almost every high school and middle school in White County, Putnam County, Cumberland County, Warren County, and Van Buren County.  If you’re with any one of these schools or a parent or student of one of these schools, please feel free to contact me, or talk to the school about having me do their team sport pictures this year.

Thanks for reading!  Please feel free to comment below or leave any questions.


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