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Mar 31, 2016

So we finally unveiled our new sports photography line recently, and now we’re anxious to get out there more and make sure everyone knows what we’re doing.  This is some super cool stuff and we know people are going to freak out over it.  But getting to this point did require getting over some new obstacles.

The first was learning about the business of team sport photography.  While I was at Imaging USA recently, I met a team that does exactly that.  And with them I have been able to get my feet under myself and have a better understanding of what I’m doing.  I’d never seen or experienced volume based photography business before, so I knew nothing about it.  Now I do and am putting it into application.  Not only that, but we’re looking at other ways of applying it as well, such as with prom pictures and pageantry pictures.

The next hurdle was figuring out products, prices, and a price sheet.  Not to mention a lab to work with.  Thankfully the lab part was the easy, and working my new friends I got a good starting point in everything.  Though I have a working price sheet, it will still require a few changes here and there as I get a better feel for what people want, but it’s at a good point currently.

The last and biggest hurdle was getting a team and running them thru the full process, and creating some imagery of my own and some samples to show.  Thankfully I was given that opportunity with one of the volleyball teams from Upper Cumberland Elite Volleyball.  And boy did I work out some kinks.  Hopefully I’ll remember them all when it comes time to do the rest of the teams next week.  But as is with all things, the more you do it, the more proficient you become.

Now for those wanting to know what I’m doing that’s different, here you go.  I shoot every player individually against a giant white softbox.  I never shoot an entire team in one shot.  Everyone is shot individually, and then composited together into a final team photo on top of some cool graphics.  If a team has a logo, then I can put that in also.  Doing this is a little higher-end, but it also makes things go really fast since each player is only in front of the camera for an average of 90 seconds, and then they’re done.  A very brief period of time in front of the camera, and out of it comes really cool images.  Some of the products we’re offering (aside from the standard prints) is cell phone cases, blankets, water bottles, printed balls, wall clings, and more.  I will provide pictures of them at some point when I have time to take the pictures.

Currently I’m focusing on going after travel leagues and recreational centers, but I am open to schools as well.  But I am limiting myself to 10 years old and up for now.  May change later, but we’ll see.

If you want more info or want to get me shooting your teams, please let me know soon before my schedule is swamped.

team photo

memory mate

bass fisher

baseball girls

softball player



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Boy have things been going in all kinds of directions since I last posted.  We are making headway into getting fully set up for team sport photography and are preparing for our grand unveiling at the Becca Anne Barn Sale on March 18 – 20th.  We had the pleasure of photographing one of the volleyball teams from Upper Cumberland Elite Volleyball, and we’ll be delivering some products to them in the near future.  We’ve got some cool products that we’re excited to share, but you’re going to have to wait to see anything since they’re not unveiled yet.  Sorry!

Going along with the sports stuff, I’ve also started working on bringing in individual players for different sports to the studio.  One I didn’t anticipate is the bass fisher.  But the purpose of bringing them in is for me to just focus on individual image poses for the different sports.  Then what I’m going to create is a standing banner posing guide.  That way on shoot day kids can look at it and pick out their pose before they get in front of the camera.  That way we can avoid the time consuming awkwardness of a kid not knowing how to pose and me having to remember every pose off the top of my head.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this one new addition to the business.  We are creating some really cool stuff that I know people are going to love.  I can’t wait to show it off, but it’ll first be shown at the Becca Anne Barn Sale later this month.  I will say that I have been asked about action photos during a game, but I don’t yet know if that’ll be something I’ll be able to offer or not.  One thing at a time.


sports photos at becca anne barn sale




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Ok, so the funniest thing happened this morning.  I’m out at the Gaylord National Harbor doing maternity photos for a couple.  We’re towards the end of our session and noticed a group of people doing fitness together off in the parking lot next to us.  While we’re working, we get a few kicks out of some of the things they yelled, such as how one of the ladies husbands was the only guy out there.  Some guys would be honored and some would be humiliated.  I’m not sure which one he was.

In either case, we finish our session and pack up to head out.  They get on their way and I’m just picking up my stuff when one of the women from the group runs over my way.  Most of us have experienced trying to have a conversation while being winded.  Well, in between breathes she was asking if I’d mind doing a few photos for them so they could put them online.  I thought for a second and decided that I had both my camera and a few minutes to spare, so why not.  A few quick snaps is no big deal.

As she was telling me about the group, I realized they are part of a group of Herbalife, which ironically I used to be a distributor for.  Sorry, I’m not any longer, but I did like the shakes personally.  I used to mix the cookies-n-cream with protein for breakfast, and the wild berry with protein for lunch.  Now I do a grains and produced based diet instead.  But my diet aside, it also turned out that this group is also from the Platinum Health & Wellness Center there at the National Harbor, and as being lead by Health & Wellness Coach Brandi Bridgett.  So if anyone is looking for a fun group to work out with, then get in touch with Brandi.  I’ll put her contact information down below.


Group Fitness Pictures


Group Fitness Pictures


Group Fitness Pictures


Group Fitness Pictures


Group Fitness Pictures


Fitness Pictures


Fitness Group Photo


Here’s Brandi Bridgett’s contact info:

301-798-5122 ext. 101





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