Jul 16, 2014
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To those of you who had been faithfully following my blog, I owe you a deep apology.  I have been absent for some time now.  Admittedly, I’ve had  a handful of blogs prep and ready to go, with the exception of imagery, which is why they still sit in waiting.   It sounds so simply, get the images and put them up.  Unfortunately it sounds much more simple than it really is at this time in my life.  But it’s still no excuse.

Most of you know that we are in the process of both relocation and reinvention.  We have been working on getting our MD home ready to sell later this year, and our TN property ready to move into.  This has involved many road trips, with many more still to come.  The reinvention is of course with my business as I wrapped up weddings end of last year and began to build a new portrait based business structure.  Honestly, I did struggle for some time about what my focus in portraiture would be, especially since I didn’t just want to be ONE MORE kids and family photographer, adding to the many out there.  Eventually thru the insight of a friend, which I believe was God revealing His direction for me thru my friend, the light bulb moment happened and I realized my focus was going to center on horse owners and country folk.  At now having that focus point in front of me, I can have a path for reinvention, which is (as any business owner knows) is very complex.

So what have I been up to since my last post?  Well, my last few posts focused on the high school rodeo that I photographed.  That was a ton of fun, but involved way more hours of post-production than I expected.  Just this past week I finally submitted to them a set of design options for a calendar, which took a good bit of time to create.  I also finally wrapped up my horse session with Kate and Summer.  Hopefully I can get a blog post up for them soon as well.  I’ve also made some major progress on my horsemanship project with Corey Jackson in that I wrapped up all the images, created his new logo, and am now working on his video.  Last month, his wife (really cool lady) purchased one of the images I create for Corey as a Father’s Day gift for him.  We put his favorite bible verse on it, and created a beautiful printed piece designed for a specific place in their home.  He contacted me later extremely excited and breath-taken by it.

There’s of course tons of other smaller things photographically speaking that I did in between these, but these are the more major projects that have been delayed due to the other transitions in our lives right now.  So how is everything else going?  Amanda just wrapped up a trip to our TN home where she was able to accomplish a number of things, though not everything she hoped to do.  Unfortunately, the house had a number of issues that had to be dealt with after the previous renters were finally evicted, so she had to take care of some of those.  Her main focus though, was to get the barn as prepped as possible for the horses.  That way everything is ready for them when the time comes.  She got some walls up, along with the concrete floor and the automatic horse waterers installed.  She even got the plumbing and electric installed.  She was hoping to put down crushed gravel in what will be the small horse paddock, but was only able to partially finish it.

While there, we were able to get the markers out for where the studio building will go, which is REALLY exciting for me.  The concrete work for that should be done in the near future, after which we’ll head out again to put up the shell for the studio building.  In the meantime, our house in MD sits mostly empty now while the majority of our STUFF sits in storage in TN.  Our house looked like a warehouse as we tried getting ready for that move.  I packed our horse trailer so efficiently that we still had room, but was already pushes the weight capacity.  And then of course more stuff was moved out there once again as Amanda went out there for the trip she’s now returning from.

If things aren’t challenging enough, you know how the grass grows like crazy in the first part of the year.  So constant yard work just slows things down.  But we’re getting there.  I still more much more to go in every area, and I hope to pick back up in my consistency of blog postings.  For now though, I just wanted to make sure I got everyone up to date on what’s been happening.  Changes are in the works, and it’s exciting, scary, full of challenges, but moving right along.