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Brookside Gardens Yoga Portrait Photographer in Maryland


Sports Portrait Photographer in Brookside Gardens Maryland

With weddings getting closer and closer to be wrapped up for good, opportunities are also opening up for new projects.  Through one of these new projects, my family has gained a new friend named Pam, though she is better known by her African name Jakuta.

Yoga and Fitness Portraits from Brookside Gardens Photographer

It all started one winter day in a gym.  I was quietly stretching out after an ever so tough work out in which I barely sweet.  Then suddenly a friend of mine, Jennifer, brought Pam (Jakuta) to me.  Full of excitement, she pleaded for me to photograph her yoga.  Loving the idea, I agreed.

Sports Fitness and  Yoga Portrait Photographer in  Brookside Gardens Maryland

Ok, enough of the funny talk.  Jakuta is a yoga instructor and was extremely interested in having many of her poses captured and put into a portfolio for various uses.  I thought it sounded fun and so arranged a time to meet with her at her home and we talked about the shoot and the options for how to display them.  We settle on a 6×9 vertical portrait book and later had our shoot at Brookside Gardens.  I love that place!

Yoga and Fitness Portraits from Brookside Gardens Photographer

Like everyone, she has a story to tell, even if she doesn’t realize it.  Yoga has been her life for the better part of her life.  It has a personal connect with her previous life as a social worker, in which she has some very moving stories deeply embedded in her heart.  Additionally, her family forever holds a great impact of influence in her, as it should.  And she also was a dancer at one point in time.  Now she enjoys life daily and shares all that makes her who she is with those she meets, especially with those whom she teaches yoga.  She’ll tell you that yoga is her life, but it is everything in her life that has given her life.  She is most passionate about yoga, but I think even that passion is surpassed by her passion for people.  So I’d say that people and her faith are her life, and yoga is her best way of sharing her life with the world.

Brookside Gardens Sports Photographer | Fitness Portraits

Having been in the fitness community for so many decades, Jakuta not only has her own stories, but those of many others.  She is well known and loved both in and out of the fitness community.  I recommend meeting her and taking a class with her as it’ll help you to pull back from this crazy life full of technology and constant running so you can slowly breathe a breath of relaxed air.  Often times we do need help slowing down so we can remember why it is we’re doing so much running all of the time.

Sports Portrait Photographer in Brookside Gardens Maryland

Like Jakuta (Pam), we each have our own stories.  That’s probably what I love the most about what I do.  I’m in a unique position to meet so many different people and learn their stories.  Yes I want to make amazing photos of everyone that they can proudly display, enjoy, and pass on.  But I want those images to also tell at least a piece of their story and reflect something unique about them.  What is it that is most important to you?  What are the events in your life that left the biggest marks, whether good or bad?  What are your biggest achievements or your hardest falls?  What gives you life, and what robs you of life?  Take some time one day when you can quietly sit outside and reflex on what your story might be.  And when you’re ready to preserve it forever, let me know.  I’ll be here ready to help you tell your story too.

Sports Portrait Photographer in Brookside Gardens Maryland




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  • June Carter-Hall

    I’ve been practicing yoga with Jakuta for the past two years and I love it and her. She not only teaches yoga, she lives it! Every class with her is different and enjoyable. I am always amazed at her willingness to not only share her craft, but the way she makes each student feel important and worthy of just being alive. She incorporates all types of yoga practices and some tai chi in her lessons and even gives us information about appreciating different essentials oils to enhance our yoga experience. Sometimes, she even brings in her own essential oils (like Lavendar to de-stress) and shares them with her students. I am so happy that I found her because she has helped me to relieve my aches and pains and I have also lost 23lbs since taking her class. Dear Jakuta, Namaste!

  • Andi

    Jakuta is such an elegant and outstanding soul who exemplifies our ever present and sustaining life force. Her chosen vehicle, yoga, allows her to exude this presence without inhibition. Shine Jakuta! Namaste.

  • Muriana Fleming

    I absolutely LOVE IT!!! from the hair to the flowing attire to the presentation of your Art! Its beautiful and so is your soul! Namaste my sister!