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November 7, 2012
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Finally, we have come to and com­pleted our last wed­ding of the summer/fall sea­son, which was just as the out­skirts of Sandy was about to roll in.  So we still had some nice weather and some beau­ti­ful leaves.  Plus, as an added bonus, every­thing was a one-stop shop at the Sher­a­ton in Colum­bia, MD.  That and the mother of the bride booked a room for us to stay there that night as well, which was totally awesome!

Since every­one was get­ting ready on the club level, we had to have some come and bring us up.  That makes us part of the spe­cial crowd of course.  I must say that the hair and make-up artists did an amaz­ing job.  I ended up tak­ing way too many pic­tures of both.  I neglected to get the hair styl­ists info (hope­fully some­one read­ing this can pro­vide it), but the make-up artists where the ladies of Got Blush.  It was a tight space, but we all man­aged, and they did great work.

Kat and Mike did do one thing sim­i­lar to her sister’s wed­ding a cou­ple of years ago, which is to knock out all of the group pho­tos before the cer­e­mony.  I still got a few after­wards as well, but the bulk of every­thing was done before hand, allow­ing them and every­one else to go straight to their cock­tail and enjoy that time with their guests.  This is always a much more relaxed and effec­tive way to accom­plish­ing the group pho­tos, which is why I always encour­age it.  I’m sure Kat, and her sis­ter Jes­sica, can both speak about their thoughts on hav­ing done the group pho­tos before the cer­e­mony instead of after­wards.  I’ve never heard a regret yet.

I’m going to assume that Mike and Kat have a seri­ous sweet tooth prob­lem.  I’ve been see­ing more and more candy tables lately, but this was the first time I saw two really elab­o­rate candy tables.   Any­one there can vouch for the mas­sive lines try­ing to get to the candy tables, as well as the large bags leav­ing them.  I enjoyed a few M&M’s of course.  I really did enjoy the dec­o­rat­ing though, espe­cially the hang­ing can­dles.  It was really cool.


I know every­one has their own opin­ions on DJ’s, but this guy was great to work with.  I’ve worked with a lot of DJ’s obvi­ously, and I would strongly add DJ Rupe to my list of refer­rals.  He helped me with any­thing I needed, wouldn’t do any­thing with­out mak­ing sure I was ready as well, and best of all he kept the crowd on the dance floor major­ity of the night.  There is an art to what a DJ does, and he does it well.

I know that I have some really amaz­ing pho­tos to present to Kat and Mike, and I look for­ward to doing so soon.  And if any­one hasn’t visit the Photo Booth pho­tos from that night, they should do so before the site expires.  It’s always worth a laugh.  I love being able to do what I do for cou­ples.  By the way, if any­one from the wed­ding came across a sil­ver Olympia MP3 recorder, please let me know because it came up miss­ing and it has Kat and Mike’s vows recorded on it.


Best wish Mike and Kat!