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November 7, 2012
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Finally, we have come to and com­pleted our last wed­ding of the summer/fall sea­son, which was just as the out­skirts of Sandy was about to roll in.  So we still had some nice weather and some beau­ti­ful leaves.  Plus, as an added bonus, every­thing was a one-stop shop at the Sher­a­ton in Colum­bia, MD.  That and the mother of the bride booked a room for us to stay there that night as well, which was totally awesome!

Since every­one was get­ting ready on the club level, we had to have some come and bring us up.  That makes us part of the spe­cial crowd of course.  I must say that the hair and make-up artists did an amaz­ing job.  I ended up tak­ing way too many pic­tures of both.  I neglected to get the hair styl­ists info (hope­fully some­one read­ing this can pro­vide it), but the make-up artists where the ladies of Got Blush.  It was a tight space, but we all man­aged, and they did great work.

Kat and Mike did do one thing sim­i­lar to her sister’s wed­ding a cou­ple of years ago, which is to knock out all of the group pho­tos before the cer­e­mony.  I still got a few after­wards as well, but the bulk of every­thing was done before hand, allow­ing them and every­one else to go straight to their cock­tail and enjoy that time with their guests.  This is always a much more relaxed and effec­tive way to accom­plish­ing the group pho­tos, which is why I always encour­age it.  I’m sure Kat, and her sis­ter Jes­sica, can both speak about their thoughts on hav­ing done the group pho­tos before the cer­e­mony instead of after­wards.  I’ve never heard a regret yet.

I’m going to assume that Mike and Kat have a seri­ous sweet tooth prob­lem.  I’ve been see­ing more and more candy tables lately, but this was the first time I saw two really elab­o­rate candy tables.   Any­one there can vouch for the mas­sive lines try­ing to get to the candy tables, as well as the large bags leav­ing them.  I enjoyed a few M&M’s of course.  I really did enjoy the dec­o­rat­ing though, espe­cially the hang­ing can­dles.  It was really cool.


I know every­one has their own opin­ions on DJ’s, but this guy was great to work with.  I’ve worked with a lot of DJ’s obvi­ously, and I would strongly add DJ Rupe to my list of refer­rals.  He helped me with any­thing I needed, wouldn’t do any­thing with­out mak­ing sure I was ready as well, and best of all he kept the crowd on the dance floor major­ity of the night.  There is an art to what a DJ does, and he does it well.

I know that I have some really amaz­ing pho­tos to present to Kat and Mike, and I look for­ward to doing so soon.  And if any­one hasn’t visit the Photo Booth pho­tos from that night, they should do so before the site expires.  It’s always worth a laugh.  I love being able to do what I do for cou­ples.  By the way, if any­one from the wed­ding came across a sil­ver Olympia MP3 recorder, please let me know because it came up miss­ing and it has Kat and Mike’s vows recorded on it.


Best wish Mike and Kat!

October 30, 2012
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I love fall wed­dings.  I love the beau­ti­ful weather and the col­or­ful leaves that encom­pass fall.  So, of course I also love fall col­ors.  Bet­ter weather and beau­ti­ful col­ors.  And that’s what Jen­nifer and Chris Hall had recently, is their fall wedding.

In tra­di­tional fash­ion, I met with the bride and her ladies as they were all get­ting ready.  Most guys pre­fer to stay away from a group of ladies get­ting their hair and make-up done.  I find it enter­tain­ing.  The expres­sions are the most gen­uine and you never know what kind of con­ver­sa­tion you’re going to acci­den­tally walk into.  This group was full of good times and lit­tle stress.

From there I headed over to the Dent Chapel in Char­lotte Hall, MD for the wed­ding.  I love that old church, even if it’s really small and dark on the inside.  The his­tory and scenery around it is amaz­ing.  Every­thing went per­fectly all the up to the kiss.  Then sud­denly a new first hap­pened to me again.  The min­is­ter spoke across the room to me to make sure I got a good shot of their kiss.  Of course I did!  I just thought it was funny and awk­ward at the same time.  Finally, some­one that rec­og­nizes that the pho­tog­ra­pher is the one in con­trol.  Lol.

From there we then headed over to the IC Hall for their recep­tion.  The great thing about the IC Hall is that I’ve shot there tons of times, and the cou­ples get it for the week­end when they rent it.  Other than the DJ hav­ing a minor stum­ble with names in the begin­ning, every­thing else worked out flaw­lessly (great job Amanda!).  They had great food, tons of fun, and now I’ve got tons of great pic­tures.  They will have fun remem­ber­ing their wed­ding for years to come.  Best wishes Jen­nifer and Chris!


October 17, 2012
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Click HERE to view the wed­ding event site

I always love the oppor­tu­nity to return to one of my favorite venues.  Becky and Daniel chose to have their spe­cial wed­ding at Har­ring­ton Har­bor, also called Her­ring­ton on the Bay.  So what­ever you want to call it I guess, it’s an absolutely beau­ti­ful venue, and it is one of my favorite South­ern Mary­land wed­ding venues.  But our day didn’t start there; instead it began at Cre­ations Salon in Dunkirk, MD.

I showed up to the salon ahead of Becky, but two of her brides­maids were already there and in the works, so I started with them while wait­ing for Becky to arrive.  I want to say that the staff is not only amaz­ingly skilled, but is an extreme plea­sure to work with and are very accom­mo­dat­ing.  We were con­stantly dodg­ing each other and apol­o­giz­ing the entire time.  The only real chal­lenge was their mir­rors.  I would be set­ting up one shot while try­ing to stay out of the mir­ror, and then sud­denly notice a reversed reflec­tion of myself on the oppo­site side of the mir­ror.  After a shock, and a good laugh, I then had to take a new tac­tic to get my mir­ror shots with­out look­ing like I had an evil twin com­ing from the other side of the mirror.

After the salon we headed off to Becky’s mom’s house, which sits back in an absolutely beau­ti­ful coun­try­side sur­rounded by horses.  Becky and her mom are very wel­com­ing.  I greatly appre­ci­ated their offer­ing me some of the over abun­dance of their food, espe­cially since I knew it was going to be many hours before my next chance to eat.  But we cap­tured some fun moments and some detail shots before I then headed over to the venue where I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for the guys to arrive so I could get their pic­tures knocked out before the bride also arrived.  There are always hick-ups in the best of plans, but we got a few shots right before Becky and her ladies arrived.

By the way, I love the tiny rooms they have for the bride and brides­maids to use.  They’re so small that claus­tro­pho­bic mice would never make their home there.  But it really is a cute lit­tle room.  I just throw on my trusty 14–24 lens and I’m good to go.  And of course while we’re in there, the rain started com­ing.  That has been a trend I’ve seen a lot this sea­son.  I’ve had many wed­dings this year that almost were rained out, but then at the last pos­si­ble moment the rain stopped, or held off, long enough for the cou­ple to have their out­door cer­e­mony.  Unfor­tu­nately it didn’t hold off long enough for the group pho­tos.  I had to bor­row a tall guy and an umbrella to keep my lights dry while me and my cam­era got soaked.  Thank good­ness for qual­ity weather-tight hous­ing in pro­fes­sional cameras.

Did I men­tion how much I love this venue?  They are so full of beau­ti­ful options.  I had fun steal­ing away the bride and groom on a few occa­sions for some amaz­ing pho­tos.  All I had to do was get a good test shot, show­ing them the con­cept, and we were off at next chance.  They didn’t mind get­ting a lit­tle wet as long as it meant good pictures.

Oh yeah, I also had a few small world moments on this wed­ding.  The min­is­ter and the DJ both I had worked with in recent wed­dings, but not the same.  Each was from a dif­fer­ent wed­ding.  And while at the salon, another cus­tomer asked the name of my busi­ness.  I rec­og­nized her, but couldn’t remem­ber who she was.  She was the mother of a groom from a wed­ding I cov­ered a few years ago.  Once we made the con­nec­tion, she started brag­ging like crazy to both the bride and her mom about how I did her son’s wed­ding and how much she loved my work.  I guess if I’m going to have that kind of a small world moment, you couldn’t ask for a bet­ter scenario.

So back to Becky and Daniel.  They had a beau­ti­ful day and I can’t wait to fin­ish up with their pho­tos so I can present them to them.  Plus I was excited to hear that Becky has already fin­ished read­ing her side of the mar­riage book that Amanda and I gave them as a wed­ding gift, which is titled The Most Impor­tant Year.  It’s a great book that all cou­ples should have and read.  They are onto a great start to a life­long suc­cess­ful mar­riage, and I really hope to con­tinue work­ing with them in the future as they grow their own family.


June 13, 2012
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Click here to view the event photos.


Con­grat­u­la­tions to Shawn and Katie Allen as they are our most recently wed­ding cou­ple.  For their wed­ding day adven­ture, they brought us to the Chesa­peake Beach Resort out in Chesa­peake Beach, Mary­land where I  met Katie in the Spa.  Appar­ently this loca­tion has become quite the fam­ily affair since this was the last of a series of wed­dings, as well as Katie’s parent’s vow renewal cer­e­mony site.  And their styl­ist has been part of the fam­ily for MANY years.  Of course their styl­ist must have started really young because she still looks her twen­ties, though the fam­ily talks like she’s been work­ing with them for twenty years.


Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wed­ding in Maryland

Though the spa wasn’t tiny, it quickly felt like it was after com­bin­ing nine brides­maids, plus par­ents and flower girls all in the same place at once.  I did love that spa.  It had doors that opened up to a bal­cony, which was on the water, so we always had a nice view and an amaz­ing breeze.  That’s just a great way to start almost any day.  But for me, I also loved the great light­ing it offered me since two sides of the spa were noth­ing but windows.


Picture of pink wedding shoes

Pink Bridal Shoes

I really love it when I get a wed­ding that chooses to take care of all of the group pho­tos before the cer­e­mony.  We always have time left over and fewer dis­trac­tions dur­ing the ses­sion.  Of course for this wed­ding, we had to use the car port due to the sun posi­tion­ing, so we had a chal­lenge with crowd con­trol.  That and I was get­ting a bit of water spray from the water foun­tain behind me.  It all turned out great of course.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and the cou­ple will post a com­ment about their thoughts on hav­ing taken all of the pho­tos pre-ceremony for their wed­ding day.  The other nice thing about doing it this way was that they were able to go directly to their recep­tion.  Of course they had a receiv­ing line going into the recep­tion, which gave them a chance to see and thank every­one in one sched­uled event instead of hav­ing to find time to run to all of the tables once the recep­tion began.  This was a great idea that more cou­ples should con­sider.  I think I might even add it to my list of wed­ding day suggestions.


Groom Getting Ready

Groom Get­ting Ready

I have to talk about Table #1.  Janie, the mother of the bride, used one of the grooms­men to strongly insist that we eat some­thing, and that we do it soon.  Mainly because Amanda had to leave to pick up Zachariah from the babysit­ter and Janie didn’t want Amanda to leave with­out eat­ing first.  Well, since we didn’t have a table, we had to find one.  Table#1 gra­ciously offered us not only the one empty seat, but also one gen­tle­man offered Amanda his seat.  I believe he was Katie’s brother-n-law, who is, or was, a marine.  Please note the char­ac­ter of this man in asso­ci­a­tion with his mil­i­tary affiliation.


Wedding Group Picture

Wed­ding Party Group Photo

So Table #1 let us share their table for a few min­utes, but it’s not just that sim­ple.  Each table was called up one at a time to get their food, and Table #1 was the LAST table to be called up, which means Amanda and I were feel­ing a bit awk­ward as we ate in front of them.  I want to clar­ify that this is not nor­mal for us, and I greatly appre­ci­ate this table for wel­com­ing us as they did.


Wedding Cake Cutting

Kiss After The Cake Cutting

Now the day is done.  The recep­tion was wild and full of fun times.  I even took Shawn and Katie away from the recep­tion for a few min­utes to get some night shots of them under the lit gazebo.  Now to process every­thing, and present the two of them with the amaz­ing work they have come to expect from me.  It has been a plea­sure as always.  Con­grats guys!

Wedding Toast

Wed­ding Toast


Wedding Dancing

Wed­ding Dance Floor



Table Group Photo

Wed­ding Table #1




May 26, 2012
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Click HERE to view and order Photo Booth pho­tos (event expires July 25, 2012)

Click HERE to view and order Wed­ding Day pho­tos (event expires August 1, 2012)


Bride at Village Hair Boutique

Another week­end has pasted, and it’s one more suc­cess­ful wed­ding week­end to recover from.  We had been look­ing for­ward to Amy and Cody’s wed­ding since we first met them, and even more so after doing their engage­ment ses­sion.  They are a great cou­ple with lots of energy.

Amy and Cody were one of our lucky cou­ples to be the first for a few things.  The back­ground we used in their Photo Booth was the first time we’d used that back­ground for the Photo Booth.  It was the first time we tried set­ting up my new pro­jec­tion sys­tem at a recep­tion to show the engage­ment slideshow.  And it was the first time we attempted record­ing video clips in antic­i­pa­tion of cre­at­ing a new prod­uct.  Of course, it was also the first time I was not the one run­ning the Photo Booth.  Even though I always love doing it, I didn’t mind sit­ting back to pho­to­graph the rest of the event this one time while some­one else had fun.  Well, the back­ground worked out great for the Photo Booth, and the pro­jec­tion sys­tem panned out great as well.  It’ll be a lit­tle bit before we know about the videos.  Oh yeah, it’s also the first time that a blow-up doll was one of the spe­cial wed­ding guests.

Wedding Couple Cutting the Wedding Cake

Aside from all the new stuff, we really enjoyed their wed­ding day.  Our day began when we met Amy and her entourage at the Vil­lage Hair Bou­tique, where she had her hair done by Lind­sey DePompa.  Then we fol­lowed her to her sister’s house so she could get her make-up on.  It’s always enter­tain­ing watch­ing eight girls try­ing to share a bath­room as they try to get their hair and make-up done for a wed­ding.  Once Amy was all set, we rushed off to the United Methodist Church in La Plata to meet the Cody and the guys as they were get­ting ready.  We did have a slight delay as our GPS sent us a few miles down the road, past the church, to a liquor store.  Go fig­ure!  We saw the liquor store and thought, “I don’t think that’s the church we’re look­ing for.”

Group in wedding reception photo booth

You know, I never real­ized how many Methodist churches there are in Mary­land till I started pho­tograph­ing wed­dings at them more reg­u­larly in the last cou­ple of years.  I did love the large amounts of open light in this church though.  It made beau­ti­ful pic­tures a breeze.  Then shoot­ing from the bal­cony added the extra touch by cap­tur­ing the hang­ing lights.  And when we zoomed in on the action, we caught moments of emo­tion and laugh­ter and Amy and Cody read their vows.

Group at wedding reception in photo booth

So after the cer­e­mony, Amy’s per­sua­sive­ness paid off by gain­ing per­mis­sion to take pic­tures around a pond on a person’s prop­erty across the street from the IC Hall.  But not just get­ting per­mis­sion, they even freshly mowed all the grass around it too!  Either Cody was cap­tured by the same per­sua­sive per­son­al­ity, or he cap­tured her real­iz­ing the value of it.  In either case, they are a great team and will accom­plish a long, happy marriage.

Dancing at wedding reception


Wedding reception dancing photo

The IC Hall has become a hot spot for cou­ples in South­ern Mary­land, and for good rea­son.  We had a ball with them while their guests started act­ing crazy prior to drink­ing.  All it took was open­ing the Photo Booth.  Peo­ple were beg­ging us almost to open it quicker so they could have fun.  So we did, and it was almost impos­si­ble to see the Photo Booth empty after that.  The only real pause in the Photo Booth was din­ner time.  I do thank John Will­ing­ham with Fun Disc Jockey (the event DJ) immensely for build­ing the hype, and for help­ing me with the audio for the slideshow.  He was very accom­mo­dat­ing and easy to work with.

I don’t think there’s any­thing to worry about with Amy and Cody.  I just hope they keep us in mind when they become preg­nant in the future.

Picture of wedding couple in their limo