High School Senior Portraits

With some background in fashion photography, what type of job better allows me to exercise those skills and techniques than high school senior portrait photography. I am not an available lightly only kind of photographer. I pack big studio lights and I love to use them. Using strong lights on location gives me the ability to create more looks and to make them as edgy as I want. Sure, there’s times to use available light only, and I’ll do some of that on location too, but I always sell my flash images faster than my available light images. Every photographer in the Cookeville, Crossville, and Sparta areas is doing available light. But very few of them utilize lighting and posing techniques like those in parts of the fashion industry to create some unique looks for you. For photographers like me, available light is whatever we have available to us, whether it’s a big flash, a small flash, a flash light, a head light, or just the sun light. We’re going to create something that you’re going to absolutely freak out about or I’ll give you your money back!

Oh yeah, if you're an up coming senior and not a recently graduated senior, and your school does Project Graduation, then I'll make a donation to Project Graduation from your purchase. So when you make your investment with us, you'll also be making a contribution to your school's Project Graduation.