Do you have a way others can see my pictures online?

Yes, once you have placed and order and made a payment, you may at that point request an online gallery for other family members to view and order images as well. We also provide a complimentary photo app that you can share as well.

What if I don’t like my photos?

Though this has yet to have happened, I do offer a guarantee that if you don't love your images, then I'll give you your money back. First I'll offer to do a reshoot for free.

What if I can’t decide on my purchase at the sales appointment?

I try to make sure we can atleast settle on what products we will be creating for you. Beyond that we can make a final decision in the coming days as to which image(s) we will be using on that specific product(s). But if you need another viewing and sales appointment, then we can do that for a $100 fee that will be applied to your order as long as you place your order at your appointment.

Do you sales digitals?

I am not in the business of selling digital files, but I do have a few digital collection options that include professional prints as well. Most people usually want the files to be able to share, and so we do provide a complimentary photo app with all of your favorite images after you have made your investment. This app allows you to show and share your images and has been loved by most if not all my clients.

Do I have to come to you for the consultation?

I understand that there are times that you may not be able to make it in for an in-person consultation in our studio. Though meeting in the studio is ideal because you'll be able to see sample products and have a better idea of what you want to do with your images, I will suggest that we either schedule to have me come to your home, or worst case scenario we discuss as best we can over the phone. A phone call generally is not sufficient to fully prepare you, but if that’s all we can get, then we’ll work with it as best we can. But I will still require you to make it to the studio for your viewing and sales appointment.

How much are your prints?

Without first knowing what we will be doing for you, I cannot give you even a round-about number. I can tell you that most people spend around or over $500, but I occasional have people that spend less than that. It all depends on you and your needs. Everything we do is custom to each client, which is why we do the in-person consultation before we even schedule your session. That way we will have a more clear idea of what you’re interested in and you’ll have a better idea of what level of investment you can plan for when you come back for the viewing and sale appointment.

What are your packages?

I do not have pre-designed packages. Everyone loves photo packages because they are a way of saving money, but when have you ever wanted everything that was in the package? So though you may have saved money on a few things, you also wasted money on all the rest. Instead, I use a credit based system that makes it so you can create your own package. Each product is priced by credits instead of dollar values. A credit starts at a value of $12 each, and then as your credits add up in the shopping cart, the value per credit goes down based on the total number of credits.

What if I know I want a product but not sure about the image?

Occasionally I have someone that is absolutely in love with a product, and they know without a doubt that that’s how they want to display their images, but they’re not sure about the final image selection. In a case like that I simple have them put in the shopping cart what they are wanting and we’ll pick the most likely image(s), and an initial payment will be made. Then I will create the photo app or an online gallery so that they can have another day or two to look at the images on their own time and then contact me to let me know their final decision.

Do you have a list of locations to choose from?

I do have some locations, and I'm always on the lookout for more, but my favorite locations to use are the ones that my seniors already know about. The reason being is that a location they know about will have more meaning and value to them years on down the road than some random place I picked out that make look great but has nothing to do with the life story of the senior. Either way is fine, but when I do locations I first want to see if there’s a place that is already known about first and see if we can shoot there rather than me simply saying where I’m going to take them. For example, I had a senior that had hay fields on the property that surrounded the house, so what better place to shoot than the family farm. Locations can also be favorite spots to go, or something that reflects their personality or interests.

Do you do cap and gown pictures?

If you are wanting cap and gown pictures, then the easiest thing would be to aim to do them during your session. Otherwise we can schedule a separate session specifically for cap and gown pictures. I do not have caps and gowns in the studio on hand currently, but have considered getting some to have on hand.

Do you do other types of photography?

Yes I do. I also do fitness pictures, real estate photography, and themed portrait parties, as well as family photos.

Do you show me all the pictures that you take?

No I do not. Depending on the display products you’re looking to purchase, we may just shoot a handful or a gazillion images. But regardless of how many I shoot, you will not see all of them at your viewing and sales appointment. What I do is go thru all of the images a few times to reduce the images down to what I believe are the best options for you. That may be 15 images or it may be 50 images. My goal is 30 - 50 images, but I have had a few occasions that we have shown 60 or 70 images. In either case, the idea is to make it easier for you to focus on the best selection of images possible so you’re not wasting your time and brain power on eliminating all the similar or not-so-great images.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, friends are totally welcomed. In fact, you are welcome to even do some of your pictures with your friend if you would like.

Do my parents need to be at the session?

No, parents do not need to be at the session itself. I generally find that it's much easier for a senior to relax and enjoy their session if there parent isn't watching them. So if a parent does come, I prefer they give their senior lots of breathing space and only come in to the situation if requested.

How soon will I be able to see my pictures

I aim for having your images ready for viewing within 1-2 weeks. Occassionaly workload may delay it to 3 weeks instead. Once I have your images ready, I will contact you to schedule your viewing and sales appointment.