Themed Portrait Parties

Themed Portrait Parties

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want a good excuse to have fun, then consider a themed portrait party. Invite your friends to a fun portrait party experience.

Themed portrait parties are this: a group of 5 to 10 women (or girls) pick a fun theme for how everyone will dress. This could be jeans and leather, black dresses, sporty outfits, and so on. Everyone shows up, enjoys snacks and music while getting styled, and then has individual photos taken as well as a group photo at the end. It really is a fun time with your girlfriends. You can choose from a list of themes or come up with your own.

Here’s some great reasons to do this: * Birthday Parties

  • High School Senior Grad Parties

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Club Event Parties

  • Bridal Showers

  • Office Parties

  • Co-Business Parties

  • Divorce Parties

  • Just Because Parties

  • And anything else you can think of…

Note: Being new to TN, I am looking for some make-up and hair stylists to team up with.

Portrait Photography Services

Portrait Photography Services

Seniors • Fitness • Equine • Maternity • Etc.

We all have loved ones, and things about them that we love that makes them special and unique to us. Who doesn’t want to stop time on occasion so you can remember these times as they are forever? There’s a warm feeling inside that we get that we never want to let go of, and the thought of it can at times cause heartbreak and stress. I know this as we watch our own son grow up more and more every day. We don’t want to lose the moment of where he his, but we are excited to see where he’s going and what he’ll be like tomorrow. We want to remember all his phases and accomplishments, whether it’s riding his first pony, or his sudden fascination with Superman, or whatever else he gets into next. We each have these things that we want to preserve, and a quick cell phone shot generally won’t work for hanging on your wall. It just won’t give you the same pride and joy that a professional created image would do. Life history, relationships, and accomplishments are important to us, and having them documented and preserved properly is critical.

Having a personalized photo session for you or a loved one is a great way to capture these special times and seasons whether it be family portraits, bridal portraits, portraits with horses, high school senior portraits, sport and fitness portraits, country style portraits, themed portrait sessions for your kids, or any other kind of personal portrait that celebrates you and your loved ones. You can also give this as a gift to someone else by purchasing a gift card for them. Whatever type of session you choose, I guarantee you images that you will love showing off for years.

In a pre-session meeting we will discuss the type of session, location options, preparation, display options, and schedule your shoot. And on the day of your shoot we will schedule your viewing and sales appointment, as well as provide you with homework to prepare you in advance so that you’re not figuring out your purchase at the same time you’re seeing your images for the first time. That way there are no surprises and little to no guess work.

When you purchase your display collection with us, you will take advantage of our credit based pricing system. This means that you get the benefits of a collection without being locked into having products you do not want or need in your package. You custom build your own package al a carte but also get the bundled price advantage of a package. Then when your order is ready, we will contact you to schedule a time for pick-up. Plus, if you need help with hanging your new art work, we can take care of that for you as well at no added cost. We want to ensure your entire experience is worth remembering.

Equine Portraits

Equine Portraits

Being horse owners ourselves, we understand the challenges and desires to have cherished pictures with your equine family members. Family history is important, and our horses are part of our family and our history. And like all things in life, there’s no guarantee that they’ll still be in our lives tomorrow. As amazing and resilient as horses are, we all hear stories all the time of someone losing their beloved equine partner to a tragic accident or a sudden health issue. Imagine what a difference it would make by simply having a beautifully displayed image on your wall that you can always love and be proud of. We know they won’t be in our lives forever, but having their memory on your wall will continue to bring back that joy you had for the rest of your life.

Working With Your Horses

We know horses and how to work with them, and are willing to take all the time needed to work with each and every horse to get the pictures you desire to show the special relationship the two of you share together. Usually we can do this within an hour or two. Every horse spooks differently and at different things, so we keep this in mind when selecting locations and lighting tools, keeping everything as relaxed and as safe as possible. We will discuss your entire session with you ahead of time as well as how we are going to display the work you hire us to create. That way there are no surprises and little to no guess work. We want to ensure your entire experience is worth remembering.

Commerical Projects

Commerical Projects

All commercial projects such as model portfolios, product photography, business head shots, and collaboration projects are handled and priced separately from personal portrait projects. Please include any pertinent details when contacting me for a commercial project.



Standard session fees are $75 and cover all the time neccessary to create your images from the initial consultation, to the session itself, to the editing process, to the viewing & sales appointment. Eliminating any one of these for any reason will not reduce the session fee.

Styling options are available. We mostly work with makeup artist Erin Temple. We recommend at least a minimum amount of makeup even for those that don't normally wear it. This does add a slight bit more cost onto your session, but it will be a worthy expense in the end.

Products/Packages: We don't sell normal packages that most people are used to. The closest thing we have is our archival collection kits. All of our products are priced in credit values instead of dollars. The more credits you accumulate in your shopping cart, the lower the cost per credit, therefore giving you a package deal based solely on the products you choose to invest in.

All products and services to come with a 100% money back guarantee that if you don't love everything, you pay for nothing.