The Photography Studio Barn

Before we moved here to Sparta TN, we had visions of having our own studio space to work out of. Back in MD, the best we could get was a tiny room in our house with a 7 ft ceiling. Not much room to work with, but we did pull off a few shoots in there. It’s a dream for many other photographers to have a studio space to work out of as well. Over time we kept notes on all the different things we wanted to do if we had our own space. I’ve always loved the theatrical flying wire setups that allow people in costumes to hover in air as if floating, and thought that it’d be awesome to have the space to do the same thing one day for photos. We also have horses and I’ve seen beautiful pictures that others have done of studio horse portraits that are dark and dramatic, and I’ve wanted to have the opportunity to do this as well.

These are just a couple of the many ideas we’ve had in mind. Others have included indoor trampoline sessions, themed portrait parties, small events, and just having the space for things like a bathroom, storage room, changing room, styling station, and more. Really, just having a large open space to do studio photography in general is a dream come true.

Being horse people ourselves (we have three and a half horses), we really wanted a barn that is unique to us instead of something generic. So we came up with the concept of the studio barn. It does blend in on the outside with the environment because it looks like a horse barn, but the inside is a completely different story. As you watch the video tour, you’ll notice that this studio barn is outfitted with fun things like handmade wooden doors, a single large window space, a bathroom with a whiskey barrel sink, antiques, and lots of wood looks everywhere you look.

Having this space gives us the ability to conduct consultations, as well as viewing and sales appointments, but also every kind of photo session you can throw at us that would be indoors, such as modeling and pageantry, seniors, families, portrait parties, pets and equine, and so much more. We created this studio to not just do all these things, but to also be an experience as well. This studio is a fun place to be, and we welcome you to contact us at anytime to schedule a visit and see for yourselves what it is truly like on the inside.

Space Available for Others

Though this is a space for my business, we also realize that this space would be useful to many others as well. Especially those trying to host parties featuring various products for things such as cosmetics, health products, jewelry, and more. We know our space is more conducive to such events than is the home environment where there is less space, as well as pets and family members that don’t need to be apart of the party. It could also be useful to those hosting small events, as well as to those that need a small space for workshops and other gatherings. We are even exploring the option of renting the space out to other photographers that do not have a studio space to work in and would like to be able to do an occasional indoor session for a client or for themselves.

If you are interested in trying to utilize our studio space for any reason, please contact us and let us know the details and date of your occasion so we can try to accommodate you if possible. This is a new concept for us and is not part of our business structure yet, so we’ll be working our way thru each event till we get a system down. But if you need the space, we’ll be happy to open our doors for you.